Life is meant to be lived with fervor. So many of my neighbors are missing out on the excitement life is offering. Of course, I am helping them out, doing my civic duty by bringing them lots of fun. Well, I guess it isn’t civic duty but I find it feels so good to be the Bratty Girl Next Door Giving the Neighbors Naughty Thrills


I bet you are dying of curiosity to know all I am doing to help them. With Dirty Neighbor Playtime is what I call it! It started with me visiting them to see what they need to bring some cheer to their world. Now, each of them is different and require their own type of help. 


For instance, Mr. Wilson is a mature man and not an active gentleman. His health is not what it used to be so his level of new excitement has to be minimal. I started by cleaning his house for him. Wearing just my tiny little bra and matching panties. He loves rubbing his crotch as I clean his little house. 

He cums with a heavy breath and I wish him a good day being that Bratty Girl Next Door 


Mr. Jackson is younger and somewhat fit. He has just taken to staying home more since his divorce. Unlike Mr. Wilson, being that Bratty Girl Next Door I don’t have to worry about health issues. So, instead of cleaning, I can bring him some REAL excitement. Which, of course, brings me some fun too!


He is a handsome man and loves keeping his body nice and firm. I love seeing him naked. When we first started “hanging” out, I was surprised to see how tight and hard his body is. Of course, he loves my sexy young body and big nice titties. 


We meet twice a week and I give him two hours each time. I can decide cause I’m the Bratty Girl Next Door. He can last for quite a while too. Luckily, he is well hung too. Oh, how I love the way he feels inside me. His wife was super square and didn’t want to try new things. 

She left when he brought up trying cuckold fun.


I keep telling him I am totally into doing the cuckold fun with him. He is curious about some BBC cuckold. I have a sexy black guy friend with a huge cock. Mr. Jackson wants to watch me with him and then, he is curious about servicing him for me. 


Of course, I am so kinky, it is all fun to me. Then, there is Mrs. Tracy. She is actually only in her 30’s. She is painfully shy and rarely leaves her home other than going to work. I knew she was in need of my help being the Bratty Girl Next Door. 


I took her some of my mom’s amazing upside-down pineapple cake. Which by the way, she loves, and opened the conversation with her about getting more active. She was hesitant and said she didn’t need a social life. 

Of course, I knew better and didn’t let it go. 

I have seen her looking at my breasts at the neighborhood parties and I know she is into me. Moving over to sit beside her, I lean in and kiss her. She is blushing but doesn’t stop me. From there, things just move on naturally between us. 


I spend all kinds of time with her now. Curious about all that naughty lesbian fun we are having? Call me to hear the best phone sex details!