Welcome to the fun! I am your Bratty Domme Princess, here to bring you pleasure with pain. It is my privilege to use my skills and toys, bringing you to your knees. Of course, you need to enjoy hardcore sex play to be with me. I am into using serious toys like my BDSM table, the leather whips, and so many more. I even have a kennel for my bad subs. Are you up for this intense fun?

My tight young pussy is getting wet just thinking about it. This is how I see it; you come in, and I am commanding you to disrobe. Once you are completely naked for me, I am putting you on the table and restraining you and teasing time for my sub boy. First, I am going to use my favorite feathers up and down your body.

As your bratty domme princess, I am here to make your life hell for as long as I can.

Additionally, I love starting with a soft feather to confuse you at the beginning of our playtime. You and I know this is going to get intense with some hardcore BDSM toys, so I find it funny to start with soft feathers. I am the same on my Extreme Taboo Teen Phone Sex. I love starting with my young sweet teen voice, then taking over with my bratty domme princess attitude.

This is when you are becoming my little bitch. From here, you are willing to let me do anything I want to you. Making you bow down and worship your goddess, using tools that will bring you the painful pleasure you are desiring. That is where we are going today. One of my new toys is also my favorite now. It is my urethral sounding rod.

Have you ever heard of this device?

It turns out the urethra is packed full of sensitive nerve endings, which, if probed, can deliver unique and tingling sensations. A lot of people say the psychological association to exploring something considered taboo also contributes to the pleasure. Many of my subs are describing the sensation as “orgasmic.”

The sounding rods are long, surgical steel rods. They’re designed for reaching through the length of the shaft of the penis. Traditionally to the bladder. The sounding rods typically begin at 2mm diameter and grow quite large, depending on the user’s experience level. My skill level is high. However, I start small with my newbies to the device.

I love that I am versatile in so many areas!

Whether I am ruling over you with Teen Goddess Chastity Control, tease & denial, or humiliation, it is the best tight teen fun out there. Of course, for my true perverts, there is my incest side. My family and I live the lifestyle, and we can discuss my stories if you are into that. It is pretty taboo, so it is for the calls only.

For the men ready to go down the darkest rabbit hole, my Bratty Domme Princess is here for you. It is the harshest of pleasure. You will be my plaything, and I am not afraid to use my tools to torture and please you. I get you and know that the harder I am on you, the bigger the load you are going to shoot.

Perhaps, you love a real spanking.

I am not talking about the frilly whip, either. If you want to be spanked by a real goddess, you better get ready. I have multiple canes for that ass, and I am happy to use them all until I have drawn blood. The truth is, I love to whip the balls the most. Especially when they are full of cum and ready to bust. Swat!!! Ouch, it looks like it hurts too!

Of course, that is the goal. Pain is our pleasure, and together, you and I will delve deep into the darkness. I have plenty of plastic to cover the floor, don’t worry about bleeding too much, baby. When you bleed for me, I know you love me. So tell me, is your dick rock hard and ready to play with this bratty domme princess? Are you sure you can handle it? If so, dial my number now, fucker!

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