Brandi’s Favorite Fuck Toy

During calls a lot of guys want me to get my favorite toy out and use it so we can both have fun together.  I love those calls, by the way, because I get so turned on and the more turned on I am the more turned on you get.  My favorite fuck toy is my glass dildo I call Excalibur.  I call it that because it is like a sword that holds so much power.  When I use it on myself it is great!  I get myself worked up by rubbing my clit and getting my pussy nice and juicy that way it can slide in so smooth and it feels so good!  I can feel all the ripples and ridges since it is so hard.  I sometimes have a hard time giving up the power it gives me but when I do let a man use it on me OMG it is amazing.

fuck toy

The best time I had with it was the other night.  He got two glasses.  One filled with hot water and one filled with ice cold water.  He put Excalibur in the hot water first and let it get warm as he warmed me up with his mouth.  He licked me up and down my pussy from clit to ass as he got me nice and worked up.  Then he slid the hot dildo in and the warm sensation was amazing.  He made me cum hard as he fucked me with it and licked on my clit.  Then he put it in the ice water and got it cold then slid it in again.  The contrast between my smoking hot pussy and the freezing dildo sent me over the edge again.  Then when he couldn’t take it any longer he took it out, put it in the hot water and slid his dick in my pussy.  He fucked me for a few mins then grabbed Excalibur and worked it in my ass.  Being double penetrated by them both was the best feeling in the world!  I came so much and so hard!  Writing this blog is making me horny!  I think I will go play with it right now!  If you want to hear me as I fuck myself with it, call me for Hot Phone Sex and I’ll be your little Fuck Toy!