Bottoms up for Ass Play

My ass is the perfect vessel for pleasure, and I have been craving a lot of ass play lately. I go through stages with my sexuality, and I get hung up on certain fetishes for a period of time. Being completely honest here, I can’t get enough ass play. Normally, I don’t wear panties, but recently I’ve been slipping into sexy thongs and G-strings just so I can feel something in between my firm cheeks. That pleasant little reminder leaves me hot and dripping all day.

I love when my guy grabs it HARD, squeezing it. It even feels so good when he takes it from pleasure to pain. A good hard smack or spanking, always makes me putty in my fuck buddy’s hands. My favorite is when he lets me smother him with it, his nose and mouth sharing my tight little asshole. Rimming and licking that sweet pink star, makes me feel like a rare delicate’ that should be enjoyed again and again.

When I’m in the mood for extreme ass play, I want to be thoroughly stretched out. I want to feel a bulbous, throbbing cock head eagerly ripping into my asshole ( how’s that for extreme ass play?) I may wear plugs, graduating them rapidly – So I can feel the pain and seek the pleasure.

..And lastly, but definitely not least.

Ass play for me doesn’t end with my ass being the center of attention. I want to enjoy some ass play with you being on the receiving end ( no pun intended). I want to worship your ass, rimming you while stroking your cock. And I want to feel your ass clench around my fingers as I work diligently, massaging your prostate. I want you to see just how good it feels to have your ass played with. I may need to provide some anal training for those who haven’t had their Man cherry popped *wink*  But The reward will be sweet when I finally slide my strap-on in that tight little asshole and milk your cock while fucking you.

Curious yet?

You know you’ve always thought about it

You’ve wondered what it would be like to have your ass played with

Now’s the time to find out

Ass play at its Finest.

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