Longing for someone deeply for days may seem unbearable.  However, longing for that person may not be so bad after all.   The soft touch of their lips bringing bliss upon yours.  The tingley sensation that leaves you weak, trembling, almost breathless.   The minute your arms wrap around each other you feel all of  that emotion that had been burning deep inside your soul penetrate through one  another.    All that longing is worth it in the end.   I often wonder how much more intense the connection is after you have longed for someone verses seeing them all the time.

I had myself an experience such as this.  My little Boston Affair  I like to call it.   Talking and texting every day for weeks.  Then finally…. A chance to meet half way.  A romantic weekend in a fine hotel.   A little White Zinfandel, soft music, silk sheets.  An atmosphere that is so intimate, instant turns on start over powering each other.

We had plans for a show, some dinner, a little site seeing, watching the sun set.  Yeah, none of that happened.  Once his lips met mine, all control was lost.  He pushed me up against the wall, pressed his lips against mine, this time more passionate, eager,  almost hungry.  I couldn’t resist pulling him into me.  Letting my juicy tits with my erect nipples rub against his chest.

I could feel his cock getting harder as he moved his hands all over my body.  Ripping my blouse of me only to bury his face in my chest. He had no trouble getting that bra off so I could smother him with my tits.  Feeling his tongue tickling my nipple, making me all sorts of cock craved in my panties.  I could feel how soaked they were, my pussy was dripping.

I thought his cock was about to burst through his jeans.  I could not resist myself any longer.  I wanted it! I wanted to touch it, stroke it, suck on it, kiss it……just make it EXPLODE!  Pulling his cock out of his jeans to see how massive it was made my tight little snatch ache even more.

I am sure you want to know how my weekend fuck fest ended.  How much cream I was covered in, swallowed and filled with…. Just stay tuned to part 2 of the Boston Affair.    All that curiosity and stiff cock will be satisfied very soon!