My boss had no idea what he was getting himself into!

It was my first day as his new secretary and here I was sitting on his desk, my skirt pulled up around my waist with his head buried between my legs. Talk about an awesome first day at my new job!! Not only was my boss hot but he was pretty quick to throw me up onto his desk and eat my sweet pussy!! Maybe you should start this story from the beginning if you haven’t already.

Just as I finished squirting into his mouth I gently tugged his head up making him stand in front of me. I pulled him down so I could get a taste of my sweet cum that coated his lips and was dripping down his chin. I stuck out my tongue and starting from the bottom of his chin I licked my way up to his mouth.

As our tongues moved together sharing my flavor I wrapped my legs around his waist.

With one hand around the back of his neck, I reached my other hand between us and undid his pants. He helped me pull them down enough to free his hard cock. I was surprised when I took him into my hand and could barely close my fingers around him. His cock was so thick! I couldn’t wait to have him stretching my tight cunt!

He pulled back from our kiss and watched as I rubbed the tip of his dick up and down my dripping pussy. As thick as he was I needed him nice and wet too because I didn’t want him hurting me. Once I felt like he was wet enough I pushed the head of his cock toward my opening. Taking my hand away so he could watch my new boss then placed his hands on the tops of my thighs and began pushing his dick into my tight hole.

I could tell he was trying not to close his eyes as the pleasure of my pussy gripping his cock took over him. It already took all I had not to grab onto his ass and just pull him all the way inside of me. I wanted it all! Finally, I had enough. I used my legs that were wrapped around his waist to pull him all the way in. I was stretched so far that it was almost painful but not in a bad way.

Once he was fully buried in my pussy he rested for just a second to adjust to the tightness.

He didn’t want to cum too soon. But it didn’t take long for him to get control. I started arching my hips up and he knew I wanted more. The pounding he gave me had me gripping the edge of his desk to hold myself still. I was being fucked so hard and I knew I was about to squirt my cum all over his big dick soon. My pussy tightened around him even more and my cum started flowing.

He couldn’t control himself any longer. He pulled his cock out of my dripping pussy and I quickly got off the desk and down onto my knees. I took his dick into my hand at the same time my mouth closed over the tip. then I started sucking and stroking his cock so good his cum almost instantly exploded down my throat and coated my tongue. I made sure to squeeze out every bit of it and swallowed every drop! Tasting both of our cum mixed together was heaven!

My new boss could really fuck!

That was good to know since his new secretary was insatiable. I’ve always been the kind of girl that had to masturbate on my breaks at other jobs. That was so not happening on this one! Any time I felt the need I was just going to walk into his office and take what I needed.

You could bet your ass this wasn’t going to be a one-time thing. If he thought that being my boss meant no more sex he had another thing coming!! If you want to hear some more of our naughty encounters or about the time we were almost caught…give me a call!! As I always say, Sharing is caring!!

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