Doesn’t every boss want to fuck their secretary?

It was my first day and I couldn’t wait to meet my new boss. I walked in to the lavishly furnished waiting area of my new employer’s office. After being told to have a seat I patiently waited to meet my new boss. That may sound a little strange but apparently he was out of town during the interviewing process. I was pretty nervous because from what I had heard, my new boss Mr. James was kind of a hard ass. Having four brothers and a very difficult father I was pretty sure that I was ready to handle anything thrown my way.

I was dressed to impress wearing a black pinstriped skirt that was fingertip length, a gorgeous white blouse that I made sure wasn’t too revealing, black stockings and my six inch black peep toed heels. My blouse may have covered my 36D tits but if I bent over just right I could give someone a nice view of my cleavage. I was nervously playing with my necklace when the receptionist said that Mr. James was ready for me. She told me where his office was and I started slowly down the hall.

The place was a maze and I was worried about getting lost. I knew I was following her directions but when I came to a long hallway with a door at the end facing me and only one other also at the end to the right I wasn’t sure if I was in the right place. Surely my boss wasn’t this far away from everyone. Halfway down the hall I started to question myself but before I could turn around the door at the end opened and I heard a deep voice say, “Can I help you?” I spun back around and found a sexy man in black slacks with a white button down dress shirt standing in the doorway. “I….I’m looking for Mr. James’ office,” I stammered. A devilish smile spread across his face as he replied, “You found him. You must be Brooke.”

Holy shit! If this was my boss, I was totally going to love this job! Just seeing his smile got my juices flowing to a point that my panties were already soaked. He opened his door and told me to come in and have a seat. I slowly walked the rest of the way down the hall and entered his office. His powerful hand took a hold of mine in a firm shake before he motioned for me to sit down.

Taking a seat in a leather chair across from his large mahogany desk I crossed my legs and waited for him to begin. “As you can tell by the location of my office I like my privacy. My door will always be closed. If you need me for anything just call me from your office phone first and I will let you know if you can come in. I don’t have many rules Brooke but this one is pretty high on my list,” he said. “Yes sir,” I replied, feeling a little nervous. I had never had to call someone, especially my own boss, before heading to their office so I hoped I would remember to do so. He handed me a catalog of office supplies, told me that the other door in the hallway was my office and to pick out whatever I wanted. Once I was done I was to bring him my list for him to sign and take it to the receptionist.

I walked into my spacious office that had an amazing view of the city and got to work on my list of what I would need for my new office. It didn’t take me long to get it all together and I headed back to his office to get it approved. I lightly knocked on his door before pushing it open. As the door swung open I saw him standing in front of a drawing table with his shirt unbuttoned exposing his toned chest.  The look on his face went from surprised to stern as he looked up and found me in the doorway. As I moved in to hand him my list I heard the door silently click shut behind me. It was then that I remembered I was supposed to call him before coming to his office. Now I knew why. If my sexy boss worked like this all the time then my call would give him the time he needed to put himself back together.

I started to apologize but I kept stuttering. When I finally found the will to move my eyes from his chest to his face I saw his eyes quickly dart up to mine from my breasts. It was then that I realized that my own button had come loose exposing a small amount of my own chest. I went to hand him my list but I was nervous fro already messing up my only real rule from my boss and the paper fell to the ground. As I bent to pick it up I remembered how much of my breasts showed in this blouse when I bent over. With one of the buttons undone I was giving him a full on show of my huge tits encased in my white lacy bra.

My boss was beyond hot and the way his eyes softened after I caught him checking out my tits I wanted to see how far I could push him. I slowly picked up the paper from the floor and as I stood I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in his slacks. Instead of handing him the list I turned away from him and made a show of bending just a little as I placed it onto his desk. I heard him moving behind me but didn’t realize he was so close. When I turned around to tell him sorry for interrupting his work I almost collided with him.

Instinctively my hands moved up to catch myself but with him so close they landed flat on his bare chest at the same time his landed on my waist to steady me. Our eyes met for a brief moment and that was all it took. His head bowed slightly and our lips met in what started as just a little kiss. Our attraction for each other took over and the kiss quickly became very heated. His hands moved down my ass to the hem of my skirt. As he pulled it up to my waist his hands moved under my arms and lifted me onto his desk. I slid his already unbuttoned shirt down his arms as he knelt between my stocking covered legs.

Pulling my panties to the side he could already see the creamy evidence of my arousal. He looked up at me and I gave him a naughty smile as spread my legs farther giving him the invitation that he was waiting for. As he hungrily dove into my dripping pussy I ran my fingers through his soft hair until my palm was pressed against his scalp. My fingers curled in his hair as I pushed him into me even harder. I wanted more. I wanted to squirt all over his sexy face!

He wrapped his arms around my legs, digging his fingers into my thighs as he devoured every inch of my sweet cunt. His lips closed around my clit sucking it into his mouth as his tongue flicked over the tip. He kept alternating between sucking my clit and tongue fucking my hole. I couldn’t handle it anymore! Both of my hands were gripping his head pushing his face into me as thighs tightened around him. My head fell back as I screamed out in one of the best oral orgasms I had ever experienced.

Streams of cum squirt from my pussy into his waiting mouth. He was having a hard time getting it all which didn’t surprise me. I had yet to meet a man that could swallow all of my cum without letting it overflow from their mouth. He sat back a little trying to catch his breath. My squirt covered his face and was dripping from his chin. My new boss just found out that his sexy secretary was a squirter. But if you think that was all he learned on my first day, you are soooo mistaken!!! Give me a call for the hot details of what happened between my boss and I. Or do you want to give me some hot ideas of your own??

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