Booty worship is something that a lot of men enjoy. There are so many different stages of ass worship when it comes to the way in which a man can submit to a superior rump. One of my favorite ways in which a man can submit to a beautiful anal cavity like mine is with his face. Facesitting or Queening is very erotic for both beginners and experts. To experience ass eating from a superior sensual domination Mistress such as myself will leave you addicted to the sensation forever.

You can also submit to the feeling of anal fucking. Just desiring the sensation of your cock in such a tight place is something common among men. However, add a tight perfect ass like mine and the explosive reaction your boner will have will leave you wanting more and more. Especially after we have tried the best position for anal sex.


Not only is my ass perfectly toned. However, my beautiful bleached and waxed ass hole is so smooth it will feel amazing pushed against your body. Against your nose, as you spread my ass cheeks open with your hands you will breathe my perfect essence deep into your lungs. Surely you can picture peeling off my tight blue jean shorts to reveal my amazing tanned ass ready for booty worship. Even pushing your face against my ass hole with my panties still between us will have your cock rock hard stuck in your pants and begging to come out. Although, you know you can have all the booty worship you heart desires truly. Therefore you pull those panties to the side and position my perfect ass hole against your lips. 

The Perfect Booty Worship

Just a simple kiss at first. You purse your lips together and push it against that soft velvety butt hole. The perfect paleness is perfectly warm against your kiss and entices you to kiss more and more. Finally, your tongue makes its way out to explore its own portion of booty worship. The taste of me is amazing as you take me in, your cock is already throbbing in your pants. I bend over a little further helping you slightly by pulling my perfect ass cheeks apart for you to explore. I even give you permission to rub on your cock just a little while you pleasure me. This is something you do not hesitate at all to do, even thanking me for allowing you to do such a thing in front of such perfection. 


You lick, lick, lick, up to my full ass crack. It is the picture of an exciting brat trying to keep up with his melting ice cream cone in the summer sun. Eventually, I start to just take my place sitting back onto your face. You welcome the pressure of laying back and inviting me to take a deeper seat. You even hold your tongue out stiff and hard allowing my ass hole to encapsulate it and it to enter inside of me. At your beckoning, I ride your face. Grinding up and down you, only getting more excited as you continue to stroke yourself for me. However, that is not going to be the grand finale that you experience. In fact, you have been so good at your booty worship session that I will allow you to have the ultimate reward. 

Cum Twice? Yes Please! 

Your booty worship reward is going to be, being allowed to stick your throbbing hard fuck stick between these perfect ass cheeks of mine. And giving me a nice big anal cream pie. At first, I don’t even tell you what is going on. I just slide my slippery slit down your naked body and mount on top of you. It does not take very long for you to get fully into the penetration either. Planting your feet flat on the ground. You grab me by the hips and thrust yourself up and down plowing deep inside of my tight ass hole. Your groans of pleasure are like a wild animal turning me on so much!


Then you dump me over onto my knees and fuck me in the ass, doggy style. Grabbing hold of my long brown hair in one hand as you penetrate me, deep. I scream out that I am cumming, squirting all over the place from these anal pleasures. Finally, you do the same. Filling my ass hole with every drop of cum those balls of yours had stuffed inside of them. As you pull yourself from my cum filled ass, cum dribbles down my legs and onto the ground. However, you are not done yet. Turning me on even further you finger fuck my gaping ass hole. Using your own creampie as lube making me cum again a second time. 

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