The best position for anal sex. I recently received an Ask Brittany email in my inbox that I thought deserved it’s very own blog post. The email was from a couple who wanted to spice up their sex life but couldn’t agree on one topic. Butt stuff. He loves anal sex. But his wife says that she hates anal sex because it hurts. They wanted to know, what is the Best Position For Anal?

Personally, I used to absolutely hate anal sex. There was no way that I would ever be willing to up that much control over my orgasm! It wasn’t until I met a guy who knew exactly what he was doing when it came to my der·ri·ère. After trying a few different anal sex positions, I finally found the best position for anal. But, I wanted to get the opinions of my phone sex girls on this one. And it turns out, we all have different opinions on which is the best position for anal.

What Is The Best Position For Anal?


best position for anal - doggystyle

Doggy Style

I love the doggy style position whether you are fucking my pussy or my ass. That’s why I think that doggy style is the best position for anal, especially if you are new to anal sex. With me, on my hands and knees, you are able to watch as your cock slides in and out of my asshole as you thrust your hips inside me. In the doggy style position, I am able to sway back and forth into you and can intensify the sensations by leaning forward and/or interlocking my ankles.

You love watching my ass bounce against your thighs as we fuck. Grab my hips, smack my ass, and pull my hair! Your balls feel amazing when they hit my clit each time you shove your cock inside me. This anal sex position allows both of us to control the speed and intensity. This is also the best position for anal if you want to easily alternate between slow and sensual to fast and rough.


best position for anal - rear entry

Rear Entry

Brittany loves the rear entry position and says that it is the best position for anal. In this position, Brittany lies on her stomach with you on top of her. Spread her ass cheeks apart and slide your dick into her ass. While in this position, you are in complete control. So it is very important to be mindful and attentive to your partners wants and needs. You want anal sex to be just an enjoyable to her as it is to you. Start slow and communicate with your partner. This position best for the sensual dominant male, in this position you can nibble and kiss on Brittany’s ears and neck. Wrap your arms around her and spoon her as you fuck her. It won’t take long before she’s begging you to dominate her over and over.


best position for anal - missionary


Kassidy loves the intimacy of the anal missionary position and swears that it is the best position for anal sex. With Kassidy lying on her back you will lift her hips up in the air just a little bit. With one leg on either side of you, slowly slide your cock inside of her. Her legs can be elevated in this position as well by placing them over your shoulders. This position is the best position for anal sex that is passionate and intense. In this position, you and your partner are able to maintain eye contact. The missionary position gives you the perfect opportunity to worship her tits, tease her neck, and kiss as you move in sync with each other. Kassidy is also able to reposition her legs to create more or less friction. The anal missionary position allows both partners equal control of speed and intensity.


best position for anal - lotus


Corey loves how close she feels to her partner in the Lotus position. This is why she says that the Lotus position is the best position for anal sex. The lotus position requires both partners to work in sync with each other to create the perfect balance. In this position, you can either sit with your legs crossed or you can squat, balancing on your tiptoes. Corey will sit in your lap, facing towards you while wrapping her arms around your neck. Slightly lift her body up as you slide your cock inside, grip her hips tight as you shove your dick into her ass. In this position, she can keep her legs wrapped tightly around your waist. Or she can keep her feet on the ground with her knees bent, giving her more control. However, in this position, Corey will set the pace and rhythm.


Best Position For Anal - Pile Driver

Pile Driver

Delilah loves the Pile Driver position and says that it’s the best position for anal. If you are new to anal sex, the Pile Driver is not recommended. However, if your partner is as flexible as Delilah and loves anal, then I suggest you drive your cock deep inside her and listen as she screams in ecstasy. This anal sex position puts Delilah in a very vulnerable position so it is very important to be mindful and attentive to your partners wants and needs. With Delilah lying flat on her back, lift her legs up and push them back towards her head. Her ankles should be on either side of her head, stretching out her lower back.

Squatting over her, either facing away from her or towards her, thrust your dick into her eager ass. If you’re facing towards her, this position gives you full access to her wet pussy. Rub her clit and finger her, bringing her to an orgasm as you fuck her asshole. The pile driver is the best position for anal creampies.



As much fun as anal sex can be, don’t forget to follow these tips:

  • Wash Yo Self. A relaxing shower beforehand should do the trick. Try showering together, lathering soap on each other, and warming her up. Slide a finger or two inside her ass and she will be ready in no time!
  • Don’t Forget The Lube. Preferably a silicone-based lube for anal sex. And if you think you have enough, get an extra bottle…just in case. Is it possible to have too much lube?
  • Take your time, relax and have fun! If it hurts too much, stop. You can always try again later.


Which of these do you think is the best position for anal?


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