Bodily Fluids: Does It Turn You On To Talk About It?

Bodily fluids are big in the fantasy world.  Secretions may turn you on or off, depending on which fluid we are speaking of.  Can you get into watersports, golden showers, scat, cum swapping, and possibly my mascara running down my face?


There are several types of cum.  Seminal fluid could be thick and chunky like bad gravy, or creamy like yogurt.  Heck, I like it when it is stringy like hoop cheese and clear like snot.  That stuff is so wonderful when it dries down as if it were aloe on my skin, but leaves a pasty white cast that isn’t taught.

Vaginal secretions are a bit different.  This bodily fluid may come from the urethra, Skeens gland, or the vagina itself, we have a doozy of options.  Ejaculate is not urine, but squirting primarily is. The smell, taste, or simply the idea of what it is and means could send a person over the edge into a euphoria like no other.


Is sweat, sweet?  There is something about a man that starts to glisten and pour all over me that can be super sexy or gross depending on his health and how I truly feel about him.  There have been times where he was really going to town, and to feel his back getting damp made my nipples hard as I pulled him in closer and sunk my hands deeper into the tissues of his back. Fresh sweat dripping from his brow as he washes my car, or fixes my heel taps is so amazing.  As if he said: “watch me work.

Oh, baby!  I’m watching you work out.  Let’s work out together, and get all roused up.  Get your blood (another bodily fluid) flowing straight to that Johnson.  The more circulation, the better.  Sweet sweat is fresh sweat  If you smell homeless or like an animal at the zoo, I don’t want it.  I will make an “X” with my fingers and rebuke you.  So wash your ballz.  PLEASE & THANKS!


Cum swap me.  Kiss me.  Let me slob on your knob.  Watch it drizzle down the shaft, and I will slurp it all up.  Then turn around and spit on the head, and wipe it all around.  As long as you do not have any rotten teeth or halitosis, I will survive being doused in your bodily fluids.  Drink some damn water some time.  Gee whiz, it is not that hard to chug a few ounces here and there throughout the day.  Take a poop on a regular.  Brush your teeth two or more times a day.  When in doubt, kill it with liquor; not beer or wine.

Amazingly salvia is the cool bodily fluid when giving a blowjob.  Watching a person spit on the streets, grosses me out versus turning me on.  Going to a wedding where the wedded couple is spat on and no rice is thrown, makes my stomach turn.  My grandmother would spit on a handkerchief and wipe my face or lay my eyebrows down when I was younger and I always wanted to punch her in the face but refrained.

Tell me, do you pose issues with drool, salvia, blood, poo, or any other bodily fluid?  Which ones turn you on? Taboo phone sex is what I’m all about.  Let’s get kinky!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke