Watch Me Work This Room and Take Your Man!  You Basic B***h!

Watch me!  I might not be the most bodacious chick on the block, but I sure can work a room.  My presence is very commanding, yet my baby soft voice will throw you completely off.  My cousin on the other hand is always on the go and his agenda is to take your man.

Bart is my favorite sidekick. When we were younger he was too soft and delicate to play with the guys on the playground.  Heck, I’m not squeamish about anything, and here he is freaking out about a little ole rattlesnake.  Snakes are my friends.  My favorite type of snake is a trouser snake.  Those things always seem to come packaged with a wife or a girlfriend.  Why can’t he just be a tranny, so I don’t have to deal with more than one person?

Dare To Be Bold

Watch me is a dare in execution.  Not one initiated it, but Bart felt the need to put it on the table.  A few years ago he was a cross-dresser.   Today, Bart is a full-fledged tranny and my favorite cousin.  He has truly coined the phrase: “watch me.”

Upon hearing the words, “watch me” you know it is about to go down.  It is no different than saying: “Lights, cameras, ACTION!”  With Bart, “watch me” holds as much weight as the affirmation, “I am.” The problem is, that most of the time it is sporadic and adrenaline induced.  There is no filter.  No time to ask, and definitely no ears for listening.  When “watch me” flows from those bubble lips, there is no turning back.  Heck!  Watch me, is how I ended up in Pussy Witness Protection here at the Gingerbread Heaux House.

Anniversary Dinner

Sitting next to my auntie at her anniversary dinner is definitely an honor.  Having Bart lusting for her husband and my #mancrushMonday had me questioning what I was doing with my life.

If you want something, don’t just dream about it.  Go after it.  Now watch me, take her man! -Bart

Auntie could be a gorgeous woman.  Unfortunately, she is basic.  She is a bit too comfortable with being married and truly doesn’t believe that she has to wear makeup, girdles, heels, perfume, sexy lingerie… for her man.

Mommy always said: “Don’t dress for you, dress for your man.” 

Never will I worry or have concerns about a wandering eye, because I don’t believe in monogamy.  Nor do I believe in not fixing up.  Bart and I work from home, and neither of us is sitting around in sweats and loungewear.  I get up, wash, do my hair, put perfume on, and a cut bra and panty set or a simple bathrobe.

“Watch me take your man!” I repeat it in a very puzzled manner as Bart gets up in his bodycon dress and stiletto pumps to toss that buttery soft hair over his shoulder and flirt with Uncle Chris right in front of Auntie.  Bart knows enough about Chris’s trade to put a spark in his eye.  That spark lead to giddy banter and the exchanging of phone numbers.

Cum Play With Me

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