During an annual check up I over heard two nurses arguing about which of them would be able to make a house call. On my way to the exam room I saw the patient’s chart that they were talking about and snatched it when no one was looking. Among other things, the chart said that the guy was bed ridden because of a condition he had called “penile blockage and excessive erection disorder.” The chart further read: “Patient needs house visit. Unable to leave the house due to chronic/uncontrollable and prolonged erection.” And the nurses DIDN’T want to make a house call? I swiped the chart.

I arrived at his house dressed in a sexy nurses uniform. White nylon thigh high stockings, tight white pencil skirt, fitted white collar shirt, white/lace bra and panties and these sexy ass white Mary Janes. I called before I arrived and the patient told me to use the key that was under the front door mat. The poor guy couldn’t even get out of bed to let me in. When I got inside of the apartment he told me to come back to his bedroom.

He was laying in his bed with his legs open and the hardest cock I think I’ve ever seen in my fucking life! The thing was huge. The look of distress on his face made me want to help him immediately. I pulled some measuring tape out of my medical bag and began to measure his erection. 9 1/2 inches! This thing was massive and ready to explode! The patient looked at me and said, “No matter what I do I can’t get relief. Please help me.” Now, this guy had NO idea that I wasn’t a “real” nurse so I had to play off everything as if  I was a pro.  I checked his vitals, felt his lymph nodes and did some other crazy shit that I had seen on Grey’s Anatomy and then I got to work on that rock hard cock.

“Don’t worry Mr. Bigsby, I will help you find relief today. Just lay back and let me get started.” He obeyed. I pulled out a bottle of lube and poured it gently on the tip of his cock. Letting it drizzle down his shaft and onto his throbbing big balls. “It’s okay. I know what I’m doing.” Taking the bulging dick in my latex gloved hands I gently started to jerk it off. With my other free hand I massaged his balls. He said it felt great and he started to moan. About 3 minutes went by and relief was still not in sight. So, I pulled out the cock ring that was in the medical bag and slipped it over his cock and fit it snuggly around his blue balls. I took the latex gloves off and began to jerk him off with my bare hands. He loved it but, still no relief. I asked how long it had been since he came and he said it had been 3 months since he blew his load! Wow! I kept jerking and adding more lube. The pre-cum drained from his dick like a fucking fountain but no real ejaculation. Now it was time for me to pull out the hardcore shit.

I raised my skirt, pulling my lace panties aside, exposing my pantiless/hairless pussy. I straddled him like a horse and started to ease my tight pussy hole on to his swollen dick. We both moaned as my pussy pressed down, taking in the entire girth of his drooling cock. He held my hips as he tried to control his urge to bust through my pussy walls and fuck me wildly. The urge overpowered him. He jammed my body on to his dick and made me ride him hard. Up and down…as hard as he could pound me. His big balls smacked my ass as he drilled me good. All 9 1/2 inches of him dug deeper and deeper into my fuck hole until I could feel him in my lower abdomen. The three month cum hold was about to take out its wrath on my pussy and I was ready to receive it.

As he jammed me full with cock he started making animalistic noises. Growling and moaning as the hot creamy nut prepared for eruption. I held on to his shoulders as he lifted his head from the bed and shot 2 cup loads of cum inside of my gaping pussy. It was unbelievable the amount of cum that spewed out of me! He ejaculated for a good 2 minutes. Picking me up from his cock and laying me on the bed he re-inserted his dick and pumped even more of his load inside of me.

“Feeling better?”, I asked. He thanked me and said yes…MUCH better. He begged me to come over again. I told him that I would check with the doctor and see if another house visit would be appropriate. And maybe next time I would bring another nurse with me. As I was leaving, the real nurse was making her way up the stairs. She noticed the nurses uniform I had on and we stared at each other. I said “Oh, don’t worry he’s been taken care of.”

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