Blood Play Princess: I Love To Slice Open A Lover And Fuck

Blood play is also known as hematolagnia. And it involves cutting a part of your body so that there is blood. And I find it absolutely fascinating and sexy. I have been a fan of it for a long time now but really only do it with those I have a deep connection with.

Have you ever tasted blood and really wanted more? That’s me, for sure. I love the sight, smell, and taste of blood. And I really love it when a guy wants to get in on the fun and play with me and bleed for me.

I didn’t ever think that my wrestler friend would be okay with something like this. But, I found out the other night that maybe some guys aren’t as freaked out by it. I play with those that I only feel something deep for and I feel something deep for this guy. Didn’t ever think it would happen to me but I feel it, for sure.

He comes over and we spend most of the night just watching Disney Plus and eating chicken nuggets and flirting. Then the flirting progresses into full-on making out on my bed, next to the pile of chicken nuggets. We take breaks every now and then to just talk about anything and everything. And he asks me what some of my kinks that he doesn’t know about are.

I laugh and say “Well, there’s maybe a few that I don’t share with just about anyone. And there is one in particular that I have not told you about.” He looks at me and kisses me and says, “Okay, B, go ahead and spill it.” I close my eyes and sigh.

He pokes me and says “C’monnnn.” I then say “Okay, so there’s just a few things. I really like spanking, which you know. But, I can cum from just that.” Then he looks at me as if he knew I was really holding back and raises an eyebrow.

I couldn’t help myself, but I told him my deepest kink.

“I love blood play. It really turns me on and I love the feeling of slicing into someone’s skin and then, of course, tasting it.” He looks at me and tilts his head, “You definitely don’t look the type. But, I’ve been very surprised by you, Hot Topic.” (Hot Topic is what he started calling me when he found out my music taste and taste in women.)

He then sits up and says “So, do you have any tools for blood play?” I get up and go to my goody drawer with all of my toys and bondage stuff. And I bring out a little black bag with an Edgar Allan Poe quote on it that reads “There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness in the proportion.”

I then open it and layout the contents on my bed. He looks at the scalpels and gauze and says “Do it. I want to feel you cut into my skin. I think it’ll be hot.”

He puts a sterile scalpel into my hand and I look him in the eyes, feeling a sense of strange closeness to him. And I open the plastic covering the scalpel. He lies back on the bed and opens his arms so I can choose a spot on him to cut. I straddle him and choose a spot on his chest near one of his tattoos.

I kiss where I am about to slice and then clean the area with some alcohol and start to cut him. He groans but I feel his cock grow hard up against my pussy. And I cut again next to that cut. He grabs my hips and looks me in the eyes and bites his lip.

He pulls down his basketball shorts and lifts my skirt and pulls my panties to the side. I take some of his dripping blood and put it to my lips. He tastes so rich and I close my eyes and he shoves his cock inside of me. I lean down and kiss him with his blood on my lips and he thrusts into me, going faster and faster.

We both cum within a few minutes. But, it was just one of the hottest fuck sessions we’d had. We spend the rest of the night cleaning up the mess we made and cuddling… and of course, fucking for longer.

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