Disney Plus and Thrust! Hot Night With My New Friend.

Disney Plus and thrust is the new Netflix and chill! And I am HERE FOR IT! Since Disney+ came out the other day I have been waiting for a good day for my friend to come to visit. And last night he totally came down from Vegas and had a good night with me.

So, Disney+ comes out and I get excited to watch all of my favorite old Disney movies. Some I haven’t even seen since I was a kid. And I told my friend from Vegas about how excited I was and he said he was too. In fact, we totally stopped talking to the other night because he went to watch The Mandalorian and I went to watch Lizzie McGuire.

The next day I told him to come over. He laughed and said “Disney Plus and thrust, baby!” And later in the day, he told me that he was on his way to my place from Vegas. I was super excited! I mean, yeah we’ve had sex before but I just really wanted to see him.

Around 7 PM I hear a knock and I open to see that it’s him. With pizza and Dr. Pepper in hand. He looked like a fucking SNACK himself and I was ready to gobble on his big cock. He brings in the pizza and soda and set it on my coffee table before laying a big kiss on me.

We sit down and start up the movie Beauty and the Beast and eat our pizza. And he starts flirting with me after we finish the pizza. He puts his arm around me and kisses my neck. And I scratch his scalp and make him nice and comfy.

“Bailey, I’ve missed you so much.”

I smile at him and jump on top of him. Looking into his beautiful blue eyes I can’t help but feel like this is more than just a Disney Plus and thrust kind of situation. He makes me feel something that I have never felt before and it’s more than just in my pants. I hug him tightly and he hugs me back.

Something is different about this connection… I have never felt this kind of calmness around a person before and never been this turned on. He brings me to new levels of ecstasy and I crave his touch whenever we are apart.

He caresses my cheek and I kiss him as hard as I can and he grabs my ass. I giggle and he pulls up my skirt and pulls on my panties. Then I stand up and he takes them off and puts them in his pocket. I can’t resist him at all, I need him.

He takes off his shirt and then takes off mine. Then he lays me down on my couch and pulls down his shorts and lays his cock on top of my pussy. I spread my legs apart farther and he pulls me close and pushes inside of me. Moaning, I feel every inch of his hard cock inside of me.

Then he fucks me until I cum and scream his name. I couldn’t believe I did that since I have only done that like once before to my ex. He smiles and says “Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum,” I say “Please, daddy. Cum inside of me.”

He grabs my thighs and thrusts hard inside of me and cums a HUGE load inside of me. I feel every bit fill up my pussy. He pulls out and lays down next to me and snuggles me. Then he kisses me and says “Fuck. You’re such a good girl and I really like you.”

I smile at him and hold him tightly.

And wow, I just feel like I haven’t heard those words come out of someone’s mouth in such a long time. We lay there during the end credits just looking into each other’s eyes. This was a successful Disney Plus and thrust and I may have caught myself some feelings as well. And I oop.

The rest of the night we spend just talking and laughing and snuggling. Something I really needed. Even though I am kinky and love things like anilingus I can’t help but be a mushy bitch sometimes.

Phone sex porn at your fingertips. Just call me.