My new world of Blood Play Fetish

Slate introduced to me a new world of kink. He was the dominant top. I was the submissive-bottom. He wanted to continue to show introduce me to the world of BDSM, Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism —the fulfillment of one’s extreme fantasies, Blood Play  Fetish and Aftercare,  Knife-Play and Edge Play.

Emotional and physical Sensations that occur

He explained to me that he wanted me to encounter Blood Play  Fetish.  Wanting for me to experience the natural high that occurs when the nervous system responds to BDSM. The distinctive involvement of pain and pleasure. Creating a drunk or high feeling. Your state of mind becomes dizzy and the feeling of joy consumes your body. Some are unable to speak.

Trusting my Dom with Blood Play Fetish

I allowed slate to bind me. I being inexperienced had no idea of the risks of Blood Play Fetish. Circulation and your balance being impacted were just some. He laid down towels to prevent blood from falling on the sheets. I didn’t know exactly what Slate was going to do. Laying there vulnerable my life in his hands. He was in full control, however, this time he didn’t want to blindfold me because he wanted me to see and fear. To know that he had full control over me, my body, my life.

The rush of Blood Play Fetish

Drawing the sharp blade over my skin, I could feel the steel of the knife..cold. My adrenaline was rising, I could hear my heartbeat as If it were in my throat. I closed my eyes not knowing if he had gently cut me or if I had been barely grazed with the edge of the knife.  He continued drawing blood, touching my jugular. Suddenly I felt intense fear. Fear of Slates game of Blood Play Fetish It was quite scary to trust him enough to have a knife at my throat, penetrating gracefully into my skin. Opening my legs with his knees, He entered me, with his hard cock, as he meticulously cut me with the knife.

I calmed myself down relaxing and trusting my top. Feeling turned on and euphoric. I was so amazed how my body felt pleasure, as a result, having to submit to him to pain and fear.  A switch had flipped inside me as I relinquished all control. As he continued to cut somewhat deeper, with every thrust.  I no longer felt fear, Just the rush, as I felt my own blood emanating from the new wound.

Slate was speaking to me, perhaps asking if I was ok but in the meantime, I couldn’t make out what he was saying I was unable to reply.  I felt myself cumming in a trance like euphoria. It was at then that I looked into his eyes, subspace, where only my top and I existed for just that moment. Making it worth every bit of pain and fear that I experienced acclimating to a heightened frenzy, In Blood Play Fetish.


Slate attended to my wound. He showered with me and after he held me as I lay on his chest, as he comforted me. He asked if I was ready for the next lesson… Call me for more fetish phone sex.

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