Slate, books and Fear, knife-play and Edge-Play

His name was Slate, I bumped into him at a vintage bookstore. He was holding a book written by Marquis de Sade. 120 days of Sodom.  The King of  Fear, knife-play, and Edge-Play, bondage dominance, and submissions always judge a book by its cover and being that he was holding that book told a lot. Slate certainly had a darkness to him.  He introduced himself and invited me to walk with him to the coffee house across the street. When  I looked into his eyes I felt fear. I should have run then,  but his smoldering features and the way the sun danced off his amber eyes told me to stay.

Coffee and conversation about Fear, knife-play, and Edge-Play

Sitting at the coffee shop I could feel his eyes on me. Deep, and intense as he studied my body language as he explained why he enjoyed reading about Marquis de Sade, and why he was fascinated with  Fear, knife-play, and Edge-Play, and all being in the BDSM family.  I  felt uncomfortable. He took it in, almost teasing me.  Slate asked me if I was familiar with the term” La Pettite mort” I shook my head no. He explained it meant a little death after a blissful orgasm.  He then asked me back to his place for dinner. I should have said no, instead I heard myself say yes.

Conversations leading back to Fear, knife-play, and Edge-Play

His apartment was just as dark as he was. Painted in black with odd vintage artwork. Paintings of women being whipped, and other paintings of hands choking women’s necks.  I stood next to him as he made a quick bite to eat for the two of us. He was extremely articulate and wise in matters of finances. It always came back to the conversation of Fear, knife-play, and Edge-Play.

The Seduction before the Play

We had dinner on his balcony. He extended his hand motioning for me to commit to him, in a slow dance. Music was playing from his neighbors I could hear a faint slow violin playing Rihanna”Stay”.  I’m not sure if it was then that I fell for him or if It was his constant need to move my hair away from my face.  His hands were around the back of my neck as he leaned in. Not for a kiss. No, he brushed his lips against mine slowly… Sensually. and then… he softly kissed my lips. Kissing alongside my neck. He definitely knew what he was doing. I could feel myself becoming moist.

We took it back to his room. Removing his shirt and showing off his amazing physique.  As we both lay naked lying next to one another, he asked me if I would allow him to pleasure me, in a way I have never known. Hoping that he didn’t mean Fear, knife-play, and Edge-Play. Reluctantly… I said yes.

The Act of Fear, knife-play, and Edge-Play

I was blindfolded and tied to his bed. He began to pleasure my pussy with his tongue and fingers. I thought this was what he was talking about because I felt as if butterflies were flying in my stomach, from the number of times I came, however, I was wrong, he was not done, not yet. Using his tongue, Slate made sure every part of me was doused in saliva.

I felt him remove something from underneath the pillow where my head rested on. As he entered me with his massive cock I could feel myself losing control.  As he moved inside me I felt a sharp cut to my skin, at the top of my chest near my breast.  At first, it felt like nothing until the pain seared through the wound. I felt him licking and sucking the blood as his cock penetrated me wildly. He muffled my screams with his mouth and hard kisses.  I knew the Fear, knife-play, and Edge-Play had begun.

Losing consciousness with Fear, knife-play, and Edge-Play.

He began choking me to the point where I lost consciousness. Pressing firmly onto my carotids, while looking into my eyes,  commanding me to let go, until I must have dipped into Valhalla—only to be pulled back, moments later, by his strong hands — a hard slap to my face. For a brief minute, after I came back, I could feel that my entire body was hypersensitive.  . My body was a receptacle for sensual pleasure. . Call me for more fetish phone sex and Fear, knife-play, and Edge-Play.

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