Young and Desperate

I had just been fired by my perverted asshole of a boss. I swear he only thought of me as a blonde sex toy. He was always grabbing my ass and staring at my tits, so I guess it was a good thing that I got out of there. However, with the loss of my job, and my college, rent, and other bills adding up, I was at a loss. There would be no way that my savings from the diner would get me through another month. So, I picked up my phone and started searching for anything to make a quick buck.

There was an ad for a personal assistant that pays $1,000 per week. I sent an email expressing my interest and got a response right away! The email said to show up at the address the next day for an interview. I was determined to get this job no matter what it took!

The Interview

The next day I showed up to the house for my interview. It had to have been one of the biggest houses I had ever seen! I looked so basic in my short pink dress and high heels. A pearl necklace would have made me blend a little more, but I could never afford that. When I rang the doorbell, a man’s voice echoed over the speaker. He told me to come in, take a left, and wait for him in his office. The inside of the house was like a dream. Then, as I took my seat, I saw something strange.


A woman walked around the corner holding a drink tray. She was completely naked besides the collar around her neck. It read “Richard’s Whore.” Without a word from either of us, she set my drink down and walked away. I started to feel like I had made a mistake. My heart began racing as I noticed more and more women appearing in the main room. Each of them wearing nothing but a collar and performing some sort of chores. I only came here to be his assistant. There was no way I got sucked into being some sort of slave or blonde fuck toy! Did I?


Just then, I heard the heavy footsteps of who I could only assume was Richard. He walked into the room and greeted me with a big smile. “You’re even prettier in person!” He exclaimed. As I stood up to shake his hand, he guided me into a little twirl. I knew it! I was going to be used for some sort of sexual assistance! However, he then led me to the chair and began a very normal and calming interview. I was confused and unsure if I could work for a man with naked women all over his house, but at the same time, I was desperate for the money.

As he began wrapping up his questions, I felt more comfortable with him and his presence. He is a very handsome and wealthy man, which makes it easier. Then he helped me up and told me that there was one more part of my interview. If I passed this test, he would give me a $2,500 sign-on bonus to be his for the next 6 months. So, I followed.

A Very Intrusive Interview

He guided me down a long hall and we passed many more naked women along the way. The nervousness was coming back as he led me into a dark room and shut the door behind us. When he turned on the lights I saw what reminded me of a doctor’s office. He asked me to get into the chair and relax. Of course, for $2,500 I will sit on a chair of nails if he told me too. Then, I hopped right up and within seconds regretted my decision.

He strapped me down and as he hooked my ankles, I felt the breeze suddenly shoot up my dress. Then, he started to take off my panties. “STOP! STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??” I shouted. But he silenced me by pulling out a wad of cash and handing me $200. I still had a scared look on my face and he knew it would take a little more convincing. With another $300 placed on my chest, I took a deep breath and let him continue.

Becoming his Blonde Sex Toy

I began to wonder if all of the women in the house had gone through this process. It was no surprise to me that they were all blonde either. Then I felt his fingers start exploring my pussy lips and spread me open, I felt like an experiment. As he started to slide inside of me, he could tell that my fear had made me very wet. Just as quick as he had undressed me and strapped me down, he released me. I stood in front of him as he brought out a contract and the $2,500 he had promised. On the top of the page, it read, “Richard’s Blonde Sex Toy.”

“This is going to be the beginning of something very special, Natalie. I would like for you to move in today. No need to pack anything, I will supply you with everything you will need. If you sign this contract, you will belong to me and live in this house for the next 6 months. I have fallen for your all of your features, in and out. Would you like to start this dom and sub relationship with me and become my blonde sex toy?”

Come back next week to read more about my training as Richard’s newest blonde sex toy!

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