I love being a blonde hair mistress especially to boys like Garcia!

Hi there everybody, my name is Garcia. I have had the greatest fortune of our dear Olivia being my dom. This means that I am her personal sub for her to use at her own discretion. Personally, I am to always refer to her as Miss O as per her instructions, hopefully, my reference to her full name will not lead to punishments not heavily severe. She is the best blonde hair mistress.

Miss O has a very special way of domming myself. Most other doms would love to be mean, and to dom by physically and emotionally hurting the sub. Miss O on the other hand loves to control my ability to orgasm, choosing when and how to let me cum. All while making sure that she herself gets to use my body as she pleases to have herself cum.

Miss O loves nipple play. Often times this involves rubbing and sucking on them for hours at a time. While she uses her vibrator to masturbate for hours and hours on end. Of course, I am only ever allowed to touch my own cock whenever Miss O explicitly allows for it. If I disobey or forget, she usually forbids me from cumming for the rest of the day. Then, I go the rest of the day thinking of my blonde hair mistress and it’s agony.

Miss O dominates me in many other ways beyond just controlling when she lets me cum.

She has control of all our time together and I have to complete three different action items each day for her if I want to have my own needs satisfied. Today’s action items included cleaning her whole apartment, doing all of her grocery shopping, and doing and folding all of her laundries.

I had to get all of these action items completed if I am going to be lucky enough to be allowed cum. Even then, completing them alone is usually never enough. Today also involved Miss O sitting on and riding my face for well over an hour straight. I could feel her ass cheeks hugging my face as my tongue was being worked against her clit.

She turned herself around halfway and had me eat her asshole as well. Which I proceeded to with joy, putting my tongue all over and inside her sweet asshole. I have to be enthusiastic and use my face to make Miss O cum as much as possible.

The entire time she was sitting on my face, Miss O was sexting much hotter men than I.

She even lit a cigarette while riding my face and used my chest as the ashtray, making me feel like a used toy.

Luckily all my good behavior really paid off as Miss O not only allowed me to cum, but also fuck her in the process. I had to fuck her exactly how she wanted, at the exact speed. I could only keep up for about two minutes. It’s better than any sex therapy appointment. When she does finally let me cum, I usually end up cumming so hard and so much. She had me pull out and she turned over and made me cum all over her ass. Luckily for my own good, I came with enough volume to leave her feeling satisfied with herself.

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