I love being in school. Going to college is a blast. I am always meeting new people and having lots of wild fun. As a blonde coed sugar baby, I need dominant daddies in my life.

My first dom is Hal. He isn’t a sugar daddy though. He is my dominant and I am his submissive. Now, I want to find Sugar Daddies to take care of me and make my life easier.

Of course, I will always have Hal and probably other dominants. Unless I find some sexy sugar daddies that are into BDSM too. Now, that would be awesome!

I would be a very happy blonde coed sugar baby.

Living here is expensive and my Mormon family isn’t helping me at all. Since they know what a naughty slut I am, they are disowning me. That means no help paying my way at school.

Now, I have a part-time job but it barely pays for my rent with Hilary. Luckily, she has the funds to pay for our food and stuff. I have some money to help with those, but not much.

It is time for this blonde coed sugar baby to reel in a hot sugar daddy. One that is willing to take care of me. I am not high maintenance, I am submissive, polite, and never rude to my elders.

My body is so sexy. I make the perfect little sugar baby.

You can even paddle me if I misbehave. I have a feeling you will like the fact that it gets my pussy super wet and tingly when you spank me. I bet you will love sliding your finger between my plump bald lips to check.

When you do, it will make me moan for you. Of course, if you prefer not to punish me, that is okay too. I will be happy to have a loving sugar daddy that takes care of this blonde coed sugar baby.

Your Sultry Sweet GFE. I can be loving and behave for you. And, I love to go shopping for all kinds of beautiful things. Or, perhaps you tip me and let me shop on my own.

You are in charge Sugar Daddy and I am your blonde coed sugar baby.

Of course, if you like the idea of a bratty girl, I can act up now and then for you. It isn’t my thing since my parents would never allow such behavior. However,  I am more than willing to learn for you.

I guarantee my roommate, Hilary, can teach me all I need to know about being a bratty girl. She comes from a family with money and she throws tantrums with her parents.

She can teach this blonde coed sugar baby how to do that. Then, if you don’t give me what I want, I will throw a big fit. I bet that gets your dick nice and hard, doesn’t it Sugar Daddy?

Then, you have to calm me down by buying me things!

Or, by shoving that rock-hard rod into my mouth! Or, both! I love the idea of both, and I bet you do too! You can pull out that big meat stick and shove it into my mouth.

Once I am calming down and sucking on it, you can tell me all the places we can go shopping. Oh, Daddy, I think we are going to have so much fun together!

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