Are you looking for the right girl to be with? Is it hard to find a submissive girl these days? Most girls are all bossy and bitchy, right?! Well, not this sultry sweet GFE.

Sweet man, I am exactly what you are searching for the day in and day out. When I see the way girls are on social media, it is shocking. As a submissive girl that always does as her man says, I don’t get them.

My family is Mormon and the women serve and do as the men say. Now, I am no longer living in that world but I am following those values with men. It is the right way to be with a guy.

Especially as a sultry sweet GFE.

My mother is always sending me letters reminding me to serve men when I am dating. That it is important to bow down to them. Of course, I am submissive to all men.

Not only to men but some women as well. And, I am here for those searching for the perfect or right girl. I believe it is important to let you know I will do as I am told.

When I am your sultry sweet GFE, I will not say no to you. EVER! And, if I say no, you have the right to punish me for being a bad girl. It is only fair to punish me if I am disobedient.

My goal is to serve and worship my master.

Even if I am only your sultry sweet GFE, I will serve and worship you. When you get home from work, I will undress and bathe you. As I bathe you, I will also please you.

If I falter in the tasks, you may tell me so and punish me. Of course, if you wish to banish me, I will beg for forgiveness and do anything to get back into your good graces.

There isn’t anything I will not do as your sultry sweet GFE to keep you happy, my love. When we are a couple, you are my focus. You are my love and my most important thing.

Of course, if you want me to cook and clean as your sultry sweet GFE, I will do that too.

Literally, no matter what you ask of me, I will do it. If you want me to live naked in your house, that is what I will do. If you prefer me as your sex doll, that is what I will be.

My darling, your happiness is what matters most to me. So, that means if it is a twisted sex fantasy, I will say yes to please you. It is my duty because of my submissive personality.

And, as your sultry sweet GFE. When I see you smiling from ear to ear, I know that is because I am doing things that make you happy. If you say, “I love you.” as we cuddle at night, I am making you happy.

So, tell me, my love, what can I do for you? Call me for the best phone sex!

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