When I was in high school, I was even more of a crazy,horny bitch than I am now. Hard to believe, isn’t it? I was. I even once blackmailed a teacher of mine. I was placing an assignment on the teachers desk, and he’d stepped out of the room a minute and I noticed his open briefcase had a note with a lip print on it and I wanted to know what it said but of course I didn’t have time to read it there, so I grabbed it and stuck it in my pocket and left the assignment on his desk.

When I got home, I looked at the note and got quite a shock. It was from one of the other teachers, not his wife, and he and this other teacher had been carrying on for a good, long while behind his wife’s back. In this letter the other teacher he was fooling around with went on at length about his marvelous pussy licking skills. I was snickering as I read it. I was wondering what I should do with this new found information, how could I make it work to my advantage.Blackmailing him would be perfect!


I was failing his class and the next day after class I said I needed to speak with him about something. I waited until all the others had left and I pulled the note out of my pocket. His face turned as white as a sheet when I laid it on the desk before him. I said I was going to be given an A in class, and oh, one more thing, if he expected me to remain quiet, I needed to put these pussy licking skills of his to the test myself. He looked stunned. I slipped him a piece of paper with my address on it and said my parents would be out this evening and I had total privacy, so he and his tongue better make an appearance, or I’d be having chat with his wife, and I had a copy of the note I’d scanned. I turned and walked out.

I went home and my parents soon left for the evening. Around twenty minutes after they left my doorbell rang and it was him, as I expected. He said he wasn’t happy about this,and who did I think I was blackmailing him? but he didn’t want to break up his marriage. I led him up the stairs and told him to sit on the bed. I undressed, and had some sexy lingerie on underneath, I saw a bulge grow in his pants at the sight of me in it. I climbed on the bed and he started removing my lingerie and he got between my legs and began kissing my teenage thighs and then my pussy. His tongue opened up my lips like a moist flower and then he went to work. All I can say is the teacher was right, he had a way with that mouth of his. The way his tongue flickered all over my clit, my thighs were shaking and he slid two fingers into my pussy and continued on my clit until I erupted in screams of ecstasy. He made me cum five times with that magic mouth of his and then asked if I’d be quiet about his affair with the teacher. I said yes, but now he could add me to his roster, since I wasn’t about to give up that mouth of his. He smiled and then left.I kept up blackmailing him just to get some really great lick jobs as well as passing his class with flying colors! And I don’t think he minded a bit!
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