Blackmailing My Dirty Neighbor – Peeping Tom!

CUM on, Tom. Did you REALLY think you wouldn’t get caught peeping me? Now you get to find out what a dirty little blackmailing slut I am! And before you protest that it wasn’t you, just a nasty fucking pervert that LOOKS like you, jerking his dick right outside my window in the moonlight – I have a confession to make to you. And you’re not going to like it, Tom. You’re not going to like it at all…

There have been SO many break-in attempts in our neighborhood lately (or maybe prowling pervs, Tom?) that I installed hidden cameras at the front door, the back door, and guess where else? Right outside my bedroom window! That means you’re busted by your blackmailing whore of a neighbor! That’s right! I have video footage of my horny neighbor, “peeping” Tom – right outside my bedroom window flinging his dick around like it’s going to fall off if he doesn’t make it cum!

Guess what happens now, Tom?

I’m to explain to you HOW I’m going to own your bitch ass from now on. I don’t think an explanation of WHY is necessary. I know you don’t want your wife to see that dirty little video of her faithful hubby – the poster boy for happy family man! – with his cock out jerking off to the neighbor down the street. I know you don’t. That’s why from this day forward? You’re going to give me whatever I want, Tom. WHATEVER… I want. No matter what it is. Or when. Or why. …and when I call for you Tom? You’d BETTER fucking cum running! Otherwise my little video of you will be the main focus of our next neighborhood association meeting!

I’ll bet all the ladies in the neighborhood (not to mention their loving, protective husbands!) would love knowing that you prowl the neighborhood all night long, pathetic cock hanging out of your pants like a sock – just waiting to stumble onto something jerk-worthy!

My guess is that you are going to be a good little pervert and do EXACTLY as I say – isn’t that right Tom?

Now. I want you to come on inside the house now. I have a nice little present for you! It’s big, thick, and it’s BLACK. And it’s strapping around my waist and making it’s way right up your nasty little peeping ASS! That’s right, Tom. If you don’t want me to fuck you? Then you have to let me FUCK YOU. 🙂

Are you thinking that you picked the wrong window to jerk off in front of right now? Too late, Tom. The blackmailing fun as already begun! OR, is your useless lump of man meat starting to tingle and twitch at the thought of me violating your ass with my big black strap on cock? We already know you’re a dirty little freak, Tom. Now I’m going to find out just how DEEP still waters run.

Your sexy neighborhood watch leader,

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