cj is blackmailed 2All I Had Was A One Night Stand And Now I Was Being Blackmailed!

I had a one night stand a few weeks ago. My boyfriend was out of town and I was feeling horny and lonely and went out to a bar. And let this good looking guy pick me up, we had some red hot sex. And I thought that was the end of it. But then I get this email with a nude pic of myself asleep. He was saying he wanted to meet again and relive the fun time we had. I emailed back and said no, I’m good, and by the way, not cool that you took that pic after I fell asleep. He said it would be in my best interest to meet him. What the fuck? I was being blackmailed by this guy since he had at least one pic of me that I knew of. So I agreed to meet.

 He Showed Me Nude Pics He Had Of Me

This guy was sitting at the bar where we met a few weeks ago. And he was grinning, then he showed me some more pics of me. All nude, on his phone and said he wanted to meet on a regular basis. He said he knew my boyfriend . And he didn’t want to have to let him in on our evening a few weeks ago. I was pissed off to be sure. But I didn’t want to screw things up with my boyfriend. So I thought if I fucked this guy a couple more times he’d let it go. I asked how many pics he had and he said twenty. He said for every time I met him and fucked him, he’d delete one of them. So I’m being blackmailed, and he said in essence, yes, then he laughed.

 I Had To Fuck Him

So I had to fuck this guy twenty more times? Was he serious? Apparently he was. So we went back to his place and I wasn’t pleased about this. Even though he’d been a great fuck before. But we went to his bedroom and undressed and I laid on the bed and he started to run his hands up and down my nude body. And I couldn’t deny I had become turned on at his touch. He spread my legs and touched my pussy, which was now wet. And he laughed and said yes, I was really unhappy about fucking him again. I just glared at him as he continued to touch me.
His fingers worked their magic on my clit. And I was soon panting and writhing with pleasure and he made me cum hard. He then climbed on top of me and put my legs over his shoulders. And was pounding in my pussy and the pressure on my clit soon had me exploding yet again and I was rewarded with a pussy full of his cum. He removed his cock and placed it at my lips and I sucked my juices and his, off of it hungrily . And he grabbed my hair and fucked my mouth and I soon was swallowing his salty load. After we were finished fucking, he got out his phone and I watched as he deleted one picture. I then left and wondered when the next time I’d be hearing from him again . Not long, I hoped.
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