You worked for the school newspaper as a photographer and I was a cheerleader  was just  elected Homecoming Queen. You have seen me everywhere showing off my hot toned body.  It was pretty easy to see why I was so popular and all of the guys wanted me. You were just an average looking dude- why would I notice you when I had the football team all over me? That is until you took those pictures of me.

One day you were walking by the girls locker room on the way to the gym to take pics of the basketball team. You heard my laugh and saw my friends say goodbye to me. You decided to hide by the door so you could watch me walk out. You realized I wasn’t leaving, so you peeked your head in and heard the shower running. Your dick started to get hard. Could this be your chance to see me naked? You had imagined what my pussy must look like thousands of times while you were jerking off. Now I was just feet away.


cheerleader pussy

You peeked in the shower and watched the water run down my perfect perky tits, down my flat stomach over my shaved pussy and down my thighs. You saw me run my fingers over my clit, and then slowly rubbing my pussy lips. Your dick was throbbing now. That is when you remembered you had your camera and blackmail ran through your mind.

Those pictures you took will ruin my chances to be homecoming queen.  It will fuck up my perfect life and you know it. You have never seen me look so scared and vulnerable. I beg you to destroy them. I will do anything for you if you do. Do you want money? Go on a date? Give you a hand job?  Wait- you want me to what?? Fuck. You have the power now. Ok fine. I will do that for you.  You feel so turned on and so evil with thoughts coming into your dirty mind. Blackmailing the Homecoming Queen is going to be fun.

Now it is your turn. What will you make me do now?

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