This place I used to work at during the summer one year when I was in college, the boss was a real hypocrite holy roller type, real pillar of the community on the outside, but a perv on the inside. I caught him looking me up and down more than a few times. I was making crap wages there and wanted to do better, so I cooked up a little scheme to get bigger pay checks.


He wasn’t bad looking, just a real two faced sort and I knew it wouldn’t take much to get him to make a move on me and I was right. One day I wore a skirt that was just a little too short, and you could see the tops of my stockings when I bent over. I leaned over his desk and I could feel his eyes boring into me. He was attractive, but not the most computer literate person, and I was very good with the computer and little did he know I’d turned his cam on, connected it to my Skype, which I’d set up to screen record, he hadn’t a clue. I felt his hand on my ass and I didn’t stop him, I didn’t look towards the computer, since I didn’t want it to look like I knew it was recording me. He pulled my skirt up around my hips and pulled my panties down. I soon felt his tongue going up and down my ass crack, the dirty bastard.

I leaned over with my elbows on the desk, letting the webcam record his dirty deeds. I felt his fingers tease my clit and that tongue fuck my asshole. Some pillar of the community, tongue fucking the nineteen year old intern. I’m sure his wife would be impressed. He did manage to make me cum, and I gave him a handjob. When he went out of the room to clean up, I quickly turned off the cam, deleted my contact details from his Skype and he never knew what happened.

When I got home I checked my recording and it was perfect. I emailed him a copy of it and told him unless I had a 200% raise, his wife would also get a copy of the recording. The next day I was called into his office and he didn’t look happy, but knew he was fucked. I started making good money that summer and as glad to say I’m damned crafty with my computer skills.

He started asking me to stay late after work and I found out he was a secret submissive and he begged me to let him lick my ass and tongue fuck it. I laughed at him and said he better be prepared to be generous if I was to allow such things, so he started letting me use his credit card and go on shopping sprees as well as the bigger pay checks. I had lots of fun that summer, and had my pussy licked countless times all the while beefing up my wardrobe on his dime. Blackmail has its advantages.

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