I Had A Really Amusing Blackmail Story Happened To Me Recently

I have an amusing blackmail story that happened to me recently. Now, most along those lines would not be at all amusing. This one was, since the would-be blackmailer got the tables turned on him. I like to masturbate a lot, I find it relaxing and pleasurable. I also have a bit of an exhibitionist streak in me. And I tend to play near open windows, just the thrill of possibly being seen can heighten the arousal. I was sitting in my chair near the window, feet on the windowsill, legs open, stroking my clit. I had my eyes closed, fantasizing, feeling the breeze on my open and wet pussy. Meditating almost in a totally Zen state. I made myself cum and a moment after my phone had a message for me.

This Cocky Teenaged Kid Was Actually Threatening Me!

I looked down and it was that cocky teenaged kid from next door. He was saying he needed to talk to me about something. I called him and asked him what this was all about. He said he’d been watching me play with my pussy from his bedroom window. He had taken pics of me doing it. And He said I’d better be willing to play with him. If I didn’t, my friends, neighbors, and parents would all be getting copies of the pics sent to them. I told him to give me a day or two to think about this, he agreed. He said the clock was ticking.

I Couldn’t Believe My Good Luck

Later that night I was thinking about this and walked down to the 7/11 to get a cold drink. Well, wouldn’t you know what I came across. He didn’t see me, but I saw him. The little punk was selling his friends some weed at the side of the store in the parking lot. Some trees concealed me. I took out my phone and recorded the entire thing. Him handing his friends sandwich bags and them handing him money. I got real close-up shots as well of all of them. No mistaking who they were or what they were doing. Looks like his plans for a little blackmail story involving me just took a turn he wasn’t expecting. I turned back around and went home grinning to myself.

I Was Dressed To Impressed

My parents were gone the next day, so I sent him a text to come over now. He seemed pleased since he thought he’d not hear from me for another day. I was all decked out in some skimpy lingerie and answered the door for him when he arrived. I could see the rise in his jeans as soon as he looked me up and down. He was eyeing me like a steak. I led him into the living room and sat him down on the sofa. I bent all the way over, giving him a delightful view of my barely covered ass. Then I started twerking for him. He looked like he’d died and gone to heaven. I got on his lap and gave him a lap dance. And I was grinding on his hard cock and knew he was very excited.

He Really Thought That His Plan Was Working Out Great

I bucked back and forth on his lap, knowing he was going wild. I lightly ran my hand over his cock, which was still in his jeans and teased him. And  I was a teasing slut. And I could tell from his breathing he was going crazy. Not far from cumming even though I’d not even touched my bare skin against his. I leaned over him, so my barely covered nipple was right at his lips and grazed it back and forth. He thought this blackmail story was going to go one way. And He had no clue it was going to go very differently than he’d planned.

Let’s Watch Some Porn On The Big Screen

He couldn’t contain himself and he took his dick out and started to stroke it as I writhed over him. I’m sure he thought it would be in my mouth in a few seconds. How wrong he was. I asked him if he watched porn and he nodded yes. I asked him if he’d like if I put some on the big screen t.v. so we could watch it as we played. He nodded again.

I turned on the t.v. and he didn’t see some hot porn playing out, he saw what I’d recorded the night before. The expression on his face was priceless. I laughed and said if you think you’d be blackmailing me, think again. I said I’d send a copy to his parents and the police. So he’d better not send my pics anywhere. He was silent. I told him to get the fuck out and not to bother me again. He practically ran out the door. I think that will teach him to try and blackmail anyone again.

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