I never thought I’d be part of a blackmail sex story

I never thought I’d be part of a blackmail sex story, but that’s exactly what happened to me. And I moved into this lovely new apartment that has spectacular views from the balcony. There were a few buildings not that far away, but I felt I had adequate privacy. I loved to sunbathe in the nude and would even sometimes masturbate as I applied my suntan oil. I looked around and didn’t see anyone on the balconies of the adjacent buildings. Why wouldn’t I assume it was safe to do so? I got a surprise though when a few weeks after I moved in and saw an envelope under my door. I opened it and there was a picture of myself masturbating. Legs open wide, not wearing sunglasses, face fully visible. There was a phone number on the back of the pic.

He Had More Than Just One Picture Of Me

My heart was racing as I called the number and a man answered and said he’d been expecting my call. He said he’d taken to watching me from the telescope in his bedroom that faced my balcony. Apparently he’d had many good jerk off sessions watching me stroke my pussy outside for all the world to see. I was horrified, yet, I guess it had been a foolish thing to do and expect privacy. He said he not only had that one pic, he had many others and a video as well. How would I feel if all of that was uploaded to a popular porn site online? I was speechless at the things he was threatening me with. He said this could all be avoided though if I agreed to his demands.

I Had No Choice , I Had To Go Meet

If this wasn’t a blackmail sex story, I don’t know what is. It was the start of a crazy sex story I really had no choice. I asked him what he wanted, but I had an idea of what he was going to demand from me. And I was right. He wanted sex. He told me to come over to his condo.And  I had no choice but to do so. I could only pray he wasn’t too gross looking. I went over and he answered the door of the unit he’d given me. Thankfully he was alright looking, even slightly better than average. I went in and he offered me some wine, which I accepted.

He Went Down On My Pussy

He told me if I fucked him, he’d delete the pics and video and never ask again. I asked what proof I’d have that he’d keep his word and not do it anyway, he said only his word. I felt like there was no choice. He extended his hand and led me to the bedroom. He removed my clothes, then his and then laid me back on the bed. Then he decided to go down on my pussy first. He said it was his favorite thing to do sexually. He’d seen me rub it so many times, he had to taste it.

I was surprised at how good it felt, he knew what he was doing down there. I felt myself growing wet and he worked his tongue over my clit, driving me wild. He looked up at me and said not to hold back, he knew I wanted to cum. So I did. I gripped the sheets and came as he licked me to my first orgasm.

He Slid Inside My Soaking Wet Pussy

A blackmail sex story can often get very dark, but this one was turning out better than I’d anticipated. After he licked me, he placed my legs over his shoulders and put the tip of his cock at my pussy. I could feel the tip slide inside of me. I was so wet from him having gone down on me. He eased it inside and it was in all the way up to the balls in no time.Then he slid in and practically out of me until I was once again breathing heavily in excitement.

I Decided I’d Better Wear A Bathing suit From now on as I Sunbathe

He picked up his pace and I was soon cumming once more, this time on his cock. When he felt me cum and my cunt started to contract around his cock, then he came. I could feel squirt after squirt of his hot cum shooting inside of me. Running down the crack of my ass and making a small puddle underneath me. We lay there breathing heavily until we calmed down. He warned me others might have seen me from their balconies as well. I decided I’d best wear a swimsuit for sunbathing from now on and keep the masturbating indoors. He said I was free to leave and that he’d delete the material within the hour. I hope I can trust him to do so.

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