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I have to share this brand new blackmail sex story. It was a couple of months ago when I had the pleasure of meeting John and hearing all about his mommy fantasies. For those who don’t remember or just haven’t seen those past post, John has the hots for his mom. Mom fantasies are pretty common but John loves how open I am about his fantasy. Now that it’s been a couple of months since mom first groped him without realizing it was him, a lot of new things have happened. Recently John has taken an interest in web cam girls but guess who he finds. Yeah! Mom is a cam model and a sexy one at that. He’s already shared her sexy pictures with me. He calls me last week and says mom is online what do I do? I urged him to send a private message to her.

He’s so nervous but I comfort him while we wait for mom’s reply. We get our reply and I tell him what to say next. They exchange names which obviously neither gave the correct name. When she asked John for his age he did give her his real age but she just giggled and said her son was that age. John asked if she was okay talking with someone her sons age and thats when she admitted to liking younger guys. Mom invites John to a private video chat. He gets nervous again but I was there to help him and guide him. I advised him to cover his camera or to keep it only pointed at his cock. John flipped on his camera but never showed her more than his cock.

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As he gets harder I can hear his mom’s shocked and surprised voice at how big John is. I whisper through the phone for him to use his cell phone to record mom masturbating for him on the web. Now mom doesn’t know it’s her son watching as she rubs her pussy. She is clueless that John is watching her shove sex toys inside her. I listened to her give him JOI as he watched her cum all over herself. We disconnected the video feed but he was still so hard. John jerked off but it just wasn’t enough he had to have more. Thats when we come up with the plan to blackmail mom. Because John was a good boy and listened to me he now had something to hang over mom’s head.

This wear the blackmail sex story heats up. He’s nervous but after I explained she can’t refuse him or else you’ll show dad the video his mood changed. He was suddenly confident and seemed masculine. I stayed connected with John on the phone while he carried out our plan. Mom had just signed off as well, he sneaks into the room and she’s still wearing that same outfit from video. John shoves her against the wall forcing his hand inside her panties. I can hear her yelling and demanding he stop. When John shows her the video and threatens to tell dad she pleads with him. Her voice is shaky she is in tears but I demand John disregard her emotions. “Make her yours John, it’s now or never” I tell him. This blackmail sex story is far from over but you’ll just have to wait.

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