Bobby Just Became Part Of My Blackmail Sex Stories

I love blackmail sex stories, don’t you? Bobby has become the most recent victim of my malicious blackmail games! I love it! Bobby’s dating my friend Candice and when I was hanging out with her I did a bit of snooping. It wasn’t my fault he left his laptop on the coffee table and when Candice went upstairs to get the new eyeshadow she wanted to show me I just had to check the browser history. He’s into all kinds of kinky shit and Candice doesn’t know because she’d tell me if she did. It was perfect; I could blackmail him into doing anything I wanted and he knew I’d tell my best friend about his secret if he didn’t.

I went over when Candice was doing a late shift at work and told him I knew all about his dirty little fantasies. Bobby looked so guilty. He said he didn’t know what I was talking about and I told him I’d seen the BDSM sites on his laptop. He blushed and got all stuttery. I told him how things were going to be from now on: he was going to be my little slave and if he didn’t obey, then Candice would find out everything. He begged me not to tell her and I decided to give him a taste of what he craved to keep him in line.

I told him to shut up and get naked.

He wouldn’t do it at first and I took my phone out, bringing up Candice’s number to show him I was serious. That broke him and began taking his clothes off. He looked embarrassed but when he took his jeans off I saw his dick was starting to get hard. I picked up his jeans and took off the belt as he kicked off his underwear and I told him to lean over the arm of the sofa. His pale ass stuck up in the air and he tensed up as I got behind him. He looked behind him and I teased him by snapping his belt, the cracking sound making him flinch.

Then I grabbed his head and shoved his face forward. I didn’t want him to see me because he’d be forced to imagine what was coming. Next, I walked back and forth, my heels clicking on the floor. Finally, I told him how disgusting he was and that he was pathetic for looking at sites like those. What kind of man was he? I held the belt tight at one end and whacked it across his ass. That made him jump and cry out. I said that if he wanted that, then it was going to come at a price. Then, I hit him again, doing it harder as his ass started to get red. He was breathing harder and I smacked him a few times in a row, loving the sound the belt made.

He gasped and hissed as pain filled him and I told him to tell me how sorry he was.

I listened to him and couldn’t believe I was making him do this. Not bad for a start and I had him beg me to end his punishment. He sounded like such a loser. I smacked him again and again until I got bored and his ass was bright red. I threw his belt on the floor and turned him around to face me. Damn, I love me some blackmail sex stories.

His dick was now rock hard and I told him he’d better pray his ass was better before Candice saw it. I’d be in touch in a few days. He’d better be ready to do whatever I asked him to do. Don’t fuck with me or I will make you a victim of my malicious blackmail and not think twice about it! Cum, be another victim in one of my blackmail sex stories. The best sex story is here too!

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