The Warden came to see me, but I still had no idea who he was…how many of these blackmail sex stories would we have together?

I have a lot of Blackmail Sex Stories, all stemming from being recorded during my freshman year of college.  I had no one to turn to and no way to get the recordings back.  So I was stuck doing whatever “The Warden” wanted, whenever he asked.  The first night I realized how far this would go, this was the first time The Warden introduced himself to me.  I was sitting on my bed naked, wondering how I got into this mess and who “The Warden” was.  My parents could never find out I was addicted to making my pussy cum, and having all those videos released online would ruin any chance I had for a career!  I decided to just wait it out and see what The Warden wanted from me…

My roommate always stayed overnight at her boyfriend’s on Thursdays, so I was sure this was why he picked tonight.  I was sitting on my bed, waiting to see what would happen next, when at exactly 2 am a voice came from the walls around me…

“Claire, I can see you have some sense about you.  You are a smart girl, aren’t you?”

“Who the fuck are you?” I said.

“Shut your fucking mouth.  You don’t ask me questions.  Our experience could be quite enjoyable for both of us if you just keep your goddamned mouth shut.” He said sternly.

I was scanning the room, trying to figure out where the sound was coming from, but it seemed as if his voice flooded in on me from everywhere.  I just sat quietly, hoping this would be over as soon as it began.  Was this how all blackmail sex stories went?

“I’m sure you have a lot of questions, and they will all be answered in time.  For now, I want you to lay back on your bed and spread those gorgeous legs.  Yes – just like that, let me see that beautiful pussy again. Spread your lips open…perfect….now rub your pussy for me.  That’s right, good girl!  

That’s enough.  Feel that pussy, now know – its mine.  You will not give that pussy to anyone else, and you cannot rub it without my express permission.”

“How long do you plan to keep this up?  I am not giving my pussy to someone I haven’t even seen before!  Who the fuck do you think you are?”

“I said, keep your fucking mouth shut.  As far as you’re concerned, I am your warden, I will tell you what you can and can’t do with that pussy and if you care to argue it any longer, I will click this mouse next to me and post all these hot videos I have of you relentlessly rubbing your pussy.  Playing with yourself nonstop like a 12-year-old boy!  I control you now, and if this continues to be a fruitful arrangement, I will always control that pussy.  I’m giving you blackmail sex stories to tell all your little girlfriends about someday.”

“I don’t want any blackmail sex stories, I want my life back.”

“Too bad, so sad, now open your nightstand drawer, I left a little surprise for you.”  He said slyly.

I opened my drawer to find another manilla envelope, and inside of it was a ski mask with the eye holes covered with little heart patches you could buy in the craft section at the store.  I looked at it in horror.  What the fuck was going to happen next?  Would I always have to wear this for these blackmail sex stories?

“Your Welcome, now slide it on.  Very Sexy!  Now I want you to get on your knees on the floor.  Good. Now put your hands under your knees.  From now on, I want you like this on our little dates.” He said laughingly.

Then I heard my door open.  

“Don’t you fucking move.  I have a fun little ball gag if you decide to scream.” He said as I heard footsteps coming closer to me.

I felt a hand firmly grab my wrists and guide me onto my bed.  He slipped handcuffs onto me, and my heart began beating out of my chest.  What was he going to do to me?  I heard chains jostling as he somehow attached me to the wall behind my bed, facing the wall.  His hands ran up and down my body and then I felt him beginning to rub my clit.  

“We’re going to have real good time.  Your pussy is already so wet.  I knew your little slutty ass would be turned on the second your pussy started to get played with.  You’ve been dying for some excitement and you should be thankful I am giving you some blackmail sex stories.”

I felt him move behind me and I heard him unzip his pants.  I heard him take in a deep breath as his hard cock rubbed from my asshole down to my pussy.  He was big and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t starting to get a little turned on by his swollen cock.  I haven’t fucked someone in so long and my pussy was dripping with excitement, whether I wanted it to or not!  This was the beginning of all my HOT Blackmail sex stories!

He rammed his cock into me and fucked me as I had never been fucked before.

 I was cumming all over the place.  He was doing things I never knew would make me cum so hard!  He would stop and spank me, yelling at me to beg The Warden for more, and I did without question!

The Warden finished and pulled out. He wasted no time, pulling me back down to the floor and making me get on my knees.  As he unlocked my hands he told me to get them back under my knees and don’t touch anything until he tells me to.  If this was how my blackmail sex stories were going to go, I was excited to have more.  I don’t know who the Warden was, but after cumming as much as I just did, he could have whatever he wanted from me.

“Ok Kitten, take the mask off.  Now I will ask you one last time, who’s pussy is that?”

“Your Warden.”


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