Our dirty collection of blackmail sex stories starts now.

We all have our little secrets, but we have to be very careful that they don’t get out because blackmail sex stories are much more fun with the person holding all the cards.  Sure, I have had my share of embarrassing sex stories, but blackmail is another thing altogether.  You might ask yourself, why is she bringing this up now?

Well, because, I heard a little something about you the other day. It’s a bit awkward, but fuck it… I heard a rumor that you have a micropenis, and I may have investigated.  I have my proof, obviously, but I want to see it up close.  Come on, whip it out and let me see! Take off those pants now!

This I have to see! OMG! I had no idea cocks could be so tiny! It’s adorable.  I mean, just look at the little guy!

No, obviously, I’m not laughing at you, I’m laughing with you! Oh… but you aren’t laughing… Okay then, I admit it, I am laughing at your itty bitty little cock! Oh, I just can’t I help myself! Honestly, how can anybody NOT laugh at that? It looks ridiculous! Do you have to use tweezers to take a leak, or do you just sit down like a girl? Really, does that even qualify as a dick? That’s it isn’t it? That’s not a dick at all, is it? Obviously, it’s a clit! Fuck, my clit is bigger than that!

Oh, you poor thing! Oh, the poor women you’ve tried to fuck!  Ok ok… I won’t tell anybody about your itty bitty secret… but my silence doesn’t come for free…

Oh, honey, that little dicklette is going to make for some great blackmail sex stories…

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