What could possibly go wrong with my blackmail sex stories?

I thought my blackmail sex stories were bulletproof.  Adult sex stories are one thing but I thought this was my shot.  Really, I did.  But I never realized how it could turn on me so quickly.  Or turn me on so quickly.  Same thing right?

I fixed everything the best I could.  I got the promotion from Mr. Moore, that sad little fuck.  Something about threatening a man by calling his wife will really do that to a person.  The thing is, he wanted more.  His cock was so good though, I had no problem giving it to him.

I guess it’s been a couple of weeks that he’s been bending me over in his office.  Willing little intern Naomi, with the tightest pussy, suddenly upgraded to a job she deserves because, let’s face it: I worked fucking hard for it.

I set everything up the way I have been, with a little bit of spice.  I wore his favorite lingerie, brought lube so he could take my anal virginity, and blindfolded myself.  Do you know how hard that is?  Not nearly as hard as handcuffing yourself to a desk chair, which I still was able to do with little effort.

So, there I am: naked, blindfolded, and handcuffed to a chair when I feel a pair of hands.  Not Mr. Moore’s hands, but something more rough.

“You little slut.  I was wondering how you got the job I wanted.”

I had no idea who this was.  Just a building terror in my throat as he massaged my ever hardening tits.

So what happened?  He fucked me… hard.  Taunted me with all of the toys I had brought.  He stretched my tight asshole with his cock.  Then he taped it, and told me that Mr. Moore was on FaceTime with us, crying that I let anyone else take my anal virginity.

He came deep inside of me.  A hot, dripping, creamy load coming out of me.

Then, I heard a zipper close and a whisper in my ear:

“You don’t know who I am, but you will forever wonder who I am.  You will be my cum slut forever, or this video goes straight to HR.”

To this day, I have no idea who it is, but he keeps fucking me for being such a naughty whore.  Can you?  What’s better than a little adult chat?  I bet I can top the best phone sex blackmail you’ve ever had.


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