Naughty bosses are prime material for blackmail sex stories

I feel like my name could almost be synonymous with blackmail sex stories.  I’m not a big fan of working hard without going unnoticed, and sometimes people just need to be… persuaded.  Fortunately, blackmail and blackmail sex stories have truly become my bread and butter.  College girls rarely get paid for anything they deserve. This brings us all the way to this internship I just started in college.  Another boring corporate internship.  I should get used to it, being a business major and everything.

Mr. Moore is the head of our office.  I’ve done more than my fair share for him, but I rarely ever see him and if he ever sees me, it’s nothing more than my tits or my ass like all these other men.  I knew I would never get time to speak with him if I had requested an appointment from his secretary, so I stayed late one day and knocked on his door when I knew we were the only two people left in the office.

Let the games begin!

Let’s set the scene: I look good.  My skirt is perfectly molded to my tight ass, my blazer just low cut enough for my voluptuous tits to be exhibited.  My heels really made my legs look fucking amazing and underneath it all?  I had my sexiest lace black panty and garter set.  No bra.  Why bother?  The nice thing about being a lowly intern is making friends with the custodial staff, who had helped me the day previous to put a little something in his daily drink before he heads home.

He was nodding off, but not enough to struggle as I handcuffed his hands to the back of the chair.  I set up my iPhone directly facing him and pressed record.  Figured he needed the extra persuasion.

I stoked his cock as he looked up at me in awe.  “Mr. Moore, I feel deeply underappreciated as an employee at this company.  I work very, very hard.  I’d love to show you exactly how hard I work.”

With that, I started licking and sucked to get him hard in my mouth.  I had already stripped down to only my lacy black garter set.

“Mr. Moore, I think it’s time I got a promotion, don’t you?  I’d hate if the little video I’m making got around to your wife.  Or any of the office really.  I remember hearing about a little scandal last year with your secretary… do you want history to repeat itself?”

The video itself had no sound, I really needed it to look like he just wanted kinky sex in the office.  I straddled him in his big leather chair, slowly filled my cunt to the brim with his cock, and rode him until he came deep inside of me.  With that, I pulled the video down so I could get a good image of his load dripping out of my pussy.  Every video needs a big finish, right?

See, I’d love to work with you.  Blackmail phone sex can be so hot.  What happens if your girlfriend, your wife, or (God forbid!) your job finds out how naughty you’ve been with me?  Want to see what I’ll make you do to ensure you don’t tell anyone?  Let’s have a real adult chat and cum to an agreement together.  You’ll be begging me for more.