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College sex stories are so hot and fun, and college girls are just a dream cum true.  College girls are your wet and wild fantasy.  I’m sure all of you have seen the late-night ads for Girls Gone Wild, thought about leading one liquored up onto a bus to see those perfect tits.  Might take that much effort for you, but my best friend and I are more into the chase than being coerced; it’s just easier for us.

I just turned 21, so I’ve been having my fair share of one-night fucks.  When Alice and I walked into this particular swanky cocktail bar though, the bartender really caught our eye — we knew we just had to have him.  Something about him smacking the shaker tins after mixing my dirty gin martini had my pussy dripping thinking about that hand on my ass.

We exchanged glances, saw him glance down at our tits only barely concealed by a thin layer of silk.  Of course we weren’t wearing bras, what fun is that?  He took the bait, took a few shots with us, and we kept our eyes trained on the growing bulge in his pants the entire time.  It was time for us to pounce, the perfect opportunity came when he had to go back into the cooler to restock.

Alice led me by the hand behind him and my clit was throbbing with excitement.  We caught him by inside the cooler and if he was surprised, his face didn’t betray it.  I could tell that his cock was like I like my drinks: straight up.  Alice and I wasted no time pulling his pants down and placing our mouths anywhere we could on his beautiful cock.

It alternated between one sucking on his balls while the other jerked the shaft with our eager mouths, pretty eyes locked straight with his so we could watch his excitement.

See, being cum sluts, we love nothing more than having a warm, creamy load all over our faces.  As soon as we felt his balls start to tighten we sat on our knees like starving puppies, tongues hanging out and waiting for that delicious spray.  He stroked his cock and made sure his balls emptied onto every inch of our face, dripping from forehead all the way down our chins.

We licked it up hungrily, making sure not to waste a drop and trying to regroup as presentable little sluts for when we headed back into the bar.  I’m a good college girl turned bad slut, the best college girl phone sex you could ever have.  Wanna hear more college sex stories?  If you want me to slurp up your cum like a delicious martini, call me.  We’ll have the best hot phone sex you could ever possibly imagine.