Blackmail Sex Stories End Bad For Bandits But Good For Your GFE Alyssa.

Dressin in one of the only dresses I got with the stockings I saved up for to look the part. I know the ladies at Sally’s look a bit fancy mixed with hussy and I need to blend in. Armin myself with my newly named pussy pistols and this hussy get-up. Knowing how these here Blackmail Sex Stories end before they even played out. Setting my mind that without a doubt I’m gonna get the bounty that’s been set on these here vermin.

Hearin the good lord in my heart speaking loud n clear that it’s up to GFE Phone Sex Alyssa to get the job done. Stepping into Sally’s from the back door it doesn’t take long for me to be noticed. Having a new face means lots of interest to go upstairs. Speaking loud for all to hear the leader of this buscadero gang was taken me up alone. Celebrating my small victory of going undercover like, I smiled at the slippery sidewinder. Closing the door behind us he smiled back and told me to show off my goods.

Seemed his true Fetish was for petticoats and pistols. Lifting up my skirt slowly I watched him sweat. Licking his lips like I was tonight’s supper. Liking every inch of my stocking-covered legs he asked me to loosen his gun belt which I gladly did. Tossing his gun-belt over on the wash-table I was in the position to get the first kill of my life.” Guided Masturbation gets my manhood eager for you woman. Start speaking sexy to me while I handle this big gun.”

Servin Justice with cold steel sounds better to me.

Pulling my pussy pistols out and blowing this Rattlesnake to kingdom come feels a whole lot better to me. Watching the surprised look on his miserable mug was just the beginning. Rushing out and shooting up Sally’s was a pleasure no man yet brought to me. Looking down over the dead at what will be a clean coin to save my Daddy’s ranch once and for all is all the pleasure I need.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke