I got caught up in my own blackmail sex stories..

Blackmail sex stories caught me completely by surprise. I always loved it rough, right? I’m a little slut, of course I love the idea of being forced to do something I don’t want to. I always thought of that more as a rape fantasy, a rough sex fetish, or something like that. I never knew I’d be turned on by the idea of blackmail. Of being forced, non-violently, to do whatever someone wants. It rocked my world, and I still don’t know how I feel about it! I sent a dirty picture to someone I didn’t trust very well, and he showed his true colors and turned it right back on me. While I slept, he sent me a single text: if I didn’t do whatever he said, he’d share it to all my friends and family.

And of course, the internet is forever.

If I didn’t do what he said, those pictures would be up there with my full name, for everyone to see.. Every employer and friend that got curious and searched my name. I could not have that. My best chance of getting away with it was to give in to what he wanted. . Rule 1: I was to be at his beck and call. If he wanted to fuck me, he would. Rule 2: I couldn’t say no, or he’d do it anyway and be rough about it. However, I learned this the hard way when he wanted to fuck my ass. I thoughtlessly said no, thinking he’d respect it.

As a result, he didn’t care at all! First of all, he spread my cheeks open and used the smallest amount of lube that would let him inside easily.. and then fucked my ass all night, until he came inside me! The cruel bastard.. He left me tied up and feeling his cum dripping from me until the morning, rather than playing nice and cutting me loose.

Come play with me. Your Taboo Phone Sex Princess

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