Blackmail sex stories don’t have to end in me having lots of cash.

Most of the time in my blackmail sex stories, I’m raking in the cash and pushing the spending limits on my victim’s CCs. I’m buying myself new toys, bras, panties… and enough for my friends, too, of course. But sometimes, I want something other than flushing away a guy’s cash.

Sometimes I want to humiliate and belittle him, hoping to get him to cry. Other times I want to laugh at him.

And there’s the rare occasion I want to fuck him.

That happened to me some time ago. My neighbor, Mike, and I had some chemistry. We’d use the apartment gym complex and see each other at night since we both worked the night shift when others were sleeping. His wife said very little, but I knew she wasn’t pleased. She and I knew Mike’s eyes tended to wander, and they often wandered over my form. It didn’t help I liked to wear my most risqué clothes around him, either.

And one day, I noticed him outside on his balcony. I opened my sliding door to say hello, and that’s when I caught wind of his affair. “I can’t wait to see you tonight,” he told the woman. “I’m going to lick you open.” There were giggles, and when he left I placed an audio recorder on my balcony to try to get a few more statements out of him. The recorder picked up several more women, and many more affairs, and after piling these into a file, I sent him an unmarked envelope, the recordings on a USB.

In the letter, I gave him very specific instructions.

Thirty minutes after his wife left for work, I opened the door to his apartment, noting he’d followed my instructions beautifully. He’d handcuffed himself, and he’d put on a blindfold. Additionally, he was naked, his thick, hard cock semi-aroused. I smiled and slipped out of my dress.

“What do you want?” he asked, his voice quiet and afraid. “I’ll do anything you say, just don’t tell my wife, please.”

Striding forward, I giggled and climbed over his lap on the sofa. Carefully, my nails ran along the side of his face, and my hair fell over his shoulders– I could feel him sag in relief as he realized I wasn’t a man. “Baby,” I told him, not bothering to disguise my voice. “It’s not fair you get to fuck all those women, but you never so much touch your sweet, little neighbor.”

“Oh fuck. Elise.” He breathed out, sniffing me. “You smell nice. So you set this up, huh?”

“I did.”

“Well, you got me. Good joke.”

I laughed. “Oh, it’s not a joke. You’re going to fuck me every other day after your wife leaves, or I’ll tell her all about your affairs.” But there was no threat to my voice.

“You wouldn’t,” he said, but he wasn’t really resisting. More like he was going through the motions.

“I would. So you’re going to do anything I want of you.”

For the longest time, the room was silent. We both knew he’d be compliant. And by the way I could feel his cock harden between our stomachs, I knew he was into the idea. He probably read the same sort of blackmail sex stories that I did. If his wife pressed him, Mike could get away with saying this wasn’t cheating, this was blackmail.

And then I sat on his dick.

He groaned, thrusting up into me. It was thick and spread me apart so nicely, everything I wanted. “Just like that,” I breathed into his ear, trying for a kiss. He responded, and I smiled. “Not even going to fight me?”

He remained quiet. To be honest, he couldn’t really say anything about it since he was hooking up with other women on the side. So I laughed and told him how naughty we were going to get, fucking on one side of the wall while his wife slept, and sneaking out to the balcony to make out. He groaned and I tightened my walls, and he came all inside me. But I wasn’t done yet, and I knew he had excellent stamina. So, I kept riding him until I came, too.

And he remained my fucktoy until I moved away.

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