Blackmail sex stories are not for the tender-hearted. My personal blackmail story is quite sick and twisted.  Sometimes we all need a little help. Some financially, some emotionally. My story is one of greed and desperation. I spent every dime I had before realizing that rent was due. The landlord of my building isn’t the nicest man on the block. He is downright disgusting. Borderline obese, he always reminded me of the pervert who jacks off while looking through the peephole in his door.
Last month I was 2 weeks late on my rent. Of course, I felt bad, but I spent more than I had, and something had to give. He asked me for a blowjob in exchange for the extra two hundred I owed. How bad could it be? Well, he wasn’t overly endowed, so swallowing a load for the extra rent was feasible. He came so quickly that I barely had him in my mouth when I tasted that familiar flavor. It wasn’t a big load but it did satisfy my Cum Fetish for the day. I was lucky to save myself a few hundred bucks. So when this month’s rent came due, I had to think of what to offer him in exchange.


Blackmail Sex Stories: I had no choice, I was desperate

One look at my two young girls in the kitchen and I knew I could get the year paid for tonight. Both of my daughters are virgins, and very young. When it comes to ageplay, I am second to none. I know how to make a man smile. I explained to my girls that we didn’t have the rent money and they would have to help this month. Without telling it all to them, they agreed. Of course, they will do anything for their Mama. I am good to my daughters, so they need to work for me.
“Girls, which one of you wants to lose their virginity this month?”
Of course, both of them looked scared for a moment, but the oldest of the two offered herself up. She agreed to pay 6 months worth of rent with her pussy, and then I would use her sister for the other half. What neither of them needed to know was I was taping this all and selling extreme ageplay porn to all the dirty old men in the building. I would have my gas and lights paid as well.  When it comes to finace, I am a very smart woman.

Blackmail Sex Stories:  A nasty perverted Mommy!

What the dirty old man landlord didn’t know was that I would blackmail him later. Force him to pay for all the school clothes I had to buy this month. He would be the father figure in their lives. Well, not the conventional one.  My daughter is beautiful. She looks just like her mommy, or so I have been told. A girl like her will never have to work if she learns how to treat a man right.
I arranged the jailbait fuck session for that evening. I even bathed her, explaining to her how she would need to do whatever the nice man said so we can get money from him. She giggled that cute little laugh.  I admit now, I was more than turned on. I knew when she was done tonight, I would clean up the damage left behind. My mouth was already watering just thinking about it. Once he blew his load inside of her tiny little pink spot, I would use my tongue to take all the filth away. It was the least I could do to make up for the pain she would endure.


Blackmail Sex Stories: I taped it all on video

I sent my daughter into the lion’s den. I knew I should’ve stayed, but I didn’t want to make her feel uncomfortable. Plus, I could watch it all on the video camera I secretly hid in his bedroom. I had to have some evidence so he didn’t back out of the agreement. Naked and afraid, my daughter did everything she was told. Getting on her knees, she sucked his cock down her throat, gagging slightly. He isn’t well endowed, but it was a lot for her. I noticed he held her hair tight and fed my virgin daughter his dick. He was in charge and knew he could never get a young one on his own.
Next, he popped her cherry, spilling the juice all over his sheets. She bled a lot, but then again, she is just a little thing. Her cries should make me feel bad, but they didn’t. Before I realized it, my hand was in my panties rubbing my clit. All of this while my daughter was fucked. Wanna find out more? Check back on more Blackmail sex stories.


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