Blackmail sex stories are taboo, but secretly we all love them. I know you all love to read about them, locked in the bathroom, while at work, alone in your car, or even while the wife is sleeping. We all want to dip our noses into the lives of others with some taboo stories. I have a story for you and guess what, you just might be the one it’s about. I’m sure you can relate.
Every night after work I hit the gym. Nothing special there. So do about a million other people in the world. It’s a good place to unwind after a long day at the office. Plus, all those sexy bodies and the personal trainers running around. A girl can feast on some eye candy while riding the bike, or running the treadmill. I have a little game I play inside of my sick and twisted mind. I love to make up stories about people at the gym and include some twisted tales. Today,  I didn’t need any help. A trainer and a married woman gave me all the heat I needed.


Blackmail Sex Stories make your cock hard

On my second mile, I witnessed what I thought was a little odd. A woman I know, who is married, was up against the wall and one of the big black men growling in her face. She seemed amused by it all, and his well defined black God body tensed, or it seems like it was. I don’t know what they were speaking of, but the closeness of the two told me there was more than a missed workout going on.  Most of the buff studs at the gym seem to have something to prove. Maybe because they have small dicks due to too many steroids. This one though, he seemed to have a huge black cock. I won’t lie, I am a voyeur and have noticed his bulging dick in the past.
In my mind, I could see him being her secret lover. Of course, she is married, so that could be the reason for the fight. Maybe he wants some, and she is refusing. Later after my work out, I found out all the juicy goods about this little spat. She poured out the tears while we showered, and I made sure to take all the mental notes I could.


Blackmail sex stories are more than just something in my head.

 She had been fucking that black stud for over a year now. She was giving him money in exchange for sex. From what she said, her husband was very lacking in the cock department, and she needed a real man. That’s where the BBC came in. I wouldn’t need to blackmail her. The Black God already was. She told me she was giving him a grand a month out of her savings account, and he wanted more. No way could she justify more, and he told her that he would out her to her unsuspecting BBC Cuckold Husband.

Okay, how does a man not know he is eating cum out of his wife when he never fucked her? I’m sure he knows, he is just not ruining a good thing.


Blackmail Sex Stories: A horny married woman is a perfect target

She had to meet him after she showered, and asked me to go along just in case he got pushy. Of course, I said yes. I wanted to find out more about their lust affair. She told me to stay out of sight, so I hid in an open closet. The room was dark, so he wouldn’t be able to see me. God, this was hot. I can’t think of anything I would rather do than watch a black man fuck a white married woman.
The moment the door opened, they were ripping at each other’s clothing. I thought this was just a meeting? Nope. He was pissed about the money and going to take it out on her sugar hole. With no foreplay, he pushed her to the mat on the floor, ripped her panties off and thrust his cock into her perfect bald cunt. She screamed he forgot a condom, and he laughed telling her she gives him the money, or he gives her a little interracial surprise.


Blackmail stories just got real.


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