Blackmail and Corporal Punishment: Part 2

Blackmail and Corporal Punishment: Part 1

With Glen’s blindfold on I clicked my heels as I walked back to my favorite desk drawer.  I reached inside and pulled out a riding crop.  Leather tipped, strong handle, and built to inflict quite a lashing.  I walked back to him and lightly brushed the leather on his cheeks.

“Glen… You are going to be a good boy now and do as you are told,” I said as I gave him a playful smack on the cheek.

He flinched and attempted to lift his hand to remove the blindfold. A few hard smacks on the hands and they were back at his sides.  It almost seemed as if he was enjoying himself as the cocky smirk began to come over his face again.

“Up on you feet!” I barked

He stumbled to his feet.  I undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and let his fly down as his pants hit the floor.  I jerked down his boxers to be greeted by his ever growing erection.  Then I giggled to myself as I ran that smooth leather over his shaft and tickled his balls.  I walked to the back of his pale ass, his tension building with ever click of my sharp heels.  One hard crack on his ass and he let out a girlish screech.  I couldn’t help but laugh.

“No more screaming!”  I walked back to my drawer and  got a shiny red ball gag. “This should quiet you down.”

I stood behind his and fastened the gag in place.  I hate how first timers always start drooling right away.  Then I slapped his face with the back of my hand and wiped the drool from his chin.  With his ankles still in his pants, I led him to the edge of my desk, holding him by his cock.  I had him bend over and I kicked his feet apart.

“You want to act like a cock fuck, I’ll show you just how cocky I can be!”

I couldn’t help but smile as I reached into my drawer one last time and pulled out a big black dildo.  Thank god  he was already gagged, I knew his tight hole wouldn’t be able to handle my nine inch monster.  He trashed wildly as I push the mushroom head inside.  I grabbed his balls as a reminder of who had the control here.  With every thrust I twisted and pulled his aching balls harder.

His asshole was so fucking tight!  I don’t think there would have been enough lube to avoid his inevitable tearing.  Call me a evil bitch, but the sight of his blood made my heart race!  I loved the thought of him sitting at his desk for the next week, trying not to show the pain.  His cum was involuntary, but right in the view of my camera.  I removed his blindfold to see a once cocky fuck demoted to his weak, pathetic place.

“See that,” I said as I pointed to his load of cum on my desk, “That is how I know you loved it.  That is how EVERYONE will know you loved it!  Get out of here and be early tomorrow!”


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