Blackmail and Corporal Punishment: Part 1

In my office, I expect my nothing but the best from my employees.  I run a tight ship and some might even call me a drill Sargent at times.  No lateness, no excuses, no exceptions.  One of my newbies had to learn about my rules the hard way, but something tells me he ended up liking my form of corporal punishment.

Glen was late for work for the 3 time in a week.  After numerous write ups, I felt as though he thought this job was some type of fucking game.  It was time to show him who the boss was and what happens to little fucks who disobey my orders.

I called him into my office and had him sit down.  His smug smile infuriated me!  How dare he look amused!

“Glen, wipe that grin off your face or you can smile in the fucking unemployment line!” I barked.

“Miss Hart,” he said, “You act like a real hard ass and I have to admit, it turns me on.  I’m actually late on purpose just so I can hear you get angry with me.’

This cocky fuck had my blood boiling and my hand itching to open my secret drawer.  If he thinks my angry face is sexy, he hasn’t seen a damn thing yet!

I stood up and ordered him to come to the side of my desk.  I had him get on his knees and look up at me.  If was repulsive how much pleasure he was getting looking up at my thigh highs.  What a fucking pathetic drone.  I watched as he tried to adjust his growing bulge.

“Close your eyes,” I whispered, “I have a very special surprise for you.”

I reached into my drawer and pulled out a blind fold.  He grinned ear to ear as I  placed it on him.  Poor bastard had no clue what was in store for his sorry ass.

I bent down and whispered, “Keep quiet.  I have a camera on you and I would hate to have to show this to everyone.”

His smile turned to a tight lipped look of fear.  Now, that was better

…To be continued.

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