Your Favorite Blackmailing Babysitter Sex Stories

I am the best babysitter ever! So good, I’ve got all the Daddies eating off the palm of my hand. I won’t lie, they get to eat a lot more of me than they like to admit. But all that is eventually used as leverage. They get what they want and in return, I get what I want. So when I got my driving permit and my parents didn’t want to buy me my own car, I made sure someone else was willing to do it. I bet you never thought I had this kind of babysitter sex stories.

It was around 10 pm and I was waiting for a ride home when Mr. Craig walked in. I was hoping he was and alone, and he was! He asked how the day was and I told him it was fine. I also told him that I needed to get home and he offered to take me. As soon as his wife arrived from work him and I left and in the car is where my plan was going to take place. We had not even left the driveway when my hand was on his crotch, rubbing his dick. Mr. Craig just smiled and started backing out his garage.

We took a bit of a detour. Instead of driving home we went to this empty parking lot where he did dirty things to me. We did everything, too. I even made him cum inside me. Once I was home I took my shot. I texted him telling him that he either bought me a car or I would tell my parents. I told him that I was going to keep my cum soaked panties as prove if he didn’t get what I wanted.

He called me right back and said to give him a few days and I did.

About a week after that I woke up to a call from a dealership. The blackmailed worked and I went to pick up my brand new car. Thing is, now that I know I can use him, I might just ask for more.

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