Black Sex in the Most Unlikely Place!

Do you crave black sex like our girl Casey?  Casey was very frustrated.  She was planning some fun in Cinco de Mayo!  She had just come out a complicated relationship.  Casey was planning a hot date with a guy she had met on a dating app.  Casey knew it was too good to be true.  He stood her up and never showed up at the meet-up point.  Her aunt had recently passed away.  You can well imagine that Casey was in a state of self-pity.

Determined, Casey decided to go visit her aunt and bring her some flowers in the cemetery.  Auntie always liked pink tulips.  Casey visited her aunt.  The night seemed quiet.  Finally, it was time to leave.  Casey started the walk back to her car.  Her mind started to drift to memories of good times with her ex Derrick.  He was black, handsome, and had an amazingly big cock.  Casey had never had black sex before, but once initiated, couldn’t stop thinking about that first time!

In the still of the night, there came a faint noise coming from a section of the cemetery.

She followed the sound.  Five guys were partying under a big tree.  They wore colorful Sugar Skull masks on their face.  They invited Casey to join them.  Casey was glad of a distraction.  Well, partying turned to flirtation.  Touching turned to kissing, petting, and stripping.  Casey just didn’t care at this point.  If her ex didn’t care then she could do as she pleased.  One guy removed her shoes and pants.  Casey was lying down on a jacket.  The smell of his jacket smelled like Derrick.  She couldn’t think of Derrick now but the cologne made her think of his sexy body.

Casey’s legs were spread and tongue and fingers started to explore her now wet slit. Casey moaned in sexual rapture.  Casey moved her hips to and fro until she spilled her hot sauce all over his face.  She couldn’t make out his face in the dark.  A cock was inserted into her open mouth.  She tasted the head of that big cock.  The cock had to be a big black cock.  It was so huge just like Derrick’s cock.  The guys took turns pounding that sweet pussy.  Casey came over and over as big black cock took over her tight pussy.  Casey was their naughty slut, ready and willing to do anything for their hot load.

Wasn’t that an amazing encounter?  What’s not to love black sex, mysterious men in Sugar Skull masks, and more cock than Casey had ever imagined.  Let’s create our own black phone sex fantasy!

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