I summon you to stand before me for your weekly bitch boy inspection.

I make you remove the torturous chastity device I have you wear. It’s better to be unrestrained to get a proper bitch boy inspection, you take it off with ease now. After all, you have to remove it daily for those mandatory morning wanks not to satisfaction, of course, but just until the edge and no more. The skin shows some signs of drying from where you have to take down the swelling from your engorgement with bags of ice to get that cock back in its cage. I will kindly add plenty of moisturizing cream to your daily rides to the edge.

You stand before me, not making eye contact.

Standing with your head down, eyes to the floor, blushed as ever, naked, and goose-pimpled in the tiled bathroom. I like doing your bitch boy inspection this way, so thoroughly but so clinical. The only intimacy is the complete invasion of your senses. I trample joyfully over your pride and self-respect and devour your masculinity as if it were nothing more than a delicious meal for my enjoyment only.

I start your bitch boy inspection.

My leather-gloved hand runs over your body. Tweaking pierced nipples with the little pink rings I had installed in you for over six months. I remember how you hated that they showed under your work shirt. So, I insisted you wear a lovely lacy bra to cover them. No need for your coworkers to know your humiliation, that belongs to me, alone! The pinching makes you emit the smallest whimper, but your cock rises to a full-on salute. I tug on you hard, hoping to get a louder reaction, but you know you are to stay silent through your entire bitch boy inspection.

Now, I move around behind you.

I wrap my hand around the back of your neck, pushing you down like my good four-legged friend. Yes, you know what’s coming, don’t you, my sweet pet. I enter your backside with my middle finger. Slowly you open up for your Mistress.
“Good Boy!”
I laugh out loud as you let another inaudible whimper escape. You know my bitch boy inspection always include a prostate exam. Feeling that you’re healthy enough to continue your daily edging routine, I let you back up.
Now, back to the front side. I discard my gloves for this part. My nails travel over your stomach and tease you for a moment before the lightest, briefest enclosure of my hand enveloping your shaft. Your whole body seems to pulse with the throbbing of that meat in my warm hand.

I can tell you’ve been a good boy this week.

You bite your bottom lip with need. I like that. My hand finally comes round to cup your painfully heavy, tight balls. So full. Let’s see how full. I squeeze first gently, then firmer, to uncomfortably painful. My nails press against the waxed smooth skin there, the smoothness only highlighting the veins and weight of your need to cum. I press still further, pushing you, pressing deep into you. My grip is twisting where I have you pinned, adding that mouth-watering pain.

I stare at you until you look at me.

You know I love to see your expression. Your face would be blank to anyone else, but I know you so well, I can see the tell-tale signs of you nearing your limit. Cheeks sucked in, lips chewed from the inside, turmoil behind your eyes, struggling to remain silent.
I bend at the waist, still holding on with a vice-like grip. My favorite part of your bitch boy inspection, I lightly blow on the now, shiny tip of that desperately denied cock. It failed last week too, so that’s two weeks without release now, just daily torture.

Then I hear it.

“Mistress… please….”
My eyes are gleaming with victory as they meet yours once again. Yours filled with tears; I smile.
“That’s another fail, slut. You know the penalty for not keeping silent.”
I hand you back the chastity cage, leaving you a naked, sobbing mess on the floor.
“You will learn who owns you and that pathetic prick eventually!”
You listen to the click-clack of my heels on the tiles as I leave, abolishing your last remnants of any hope for release this week.

Do you have a taboo phone sex fantasy?

If you’re here reading this, I’m sure you have some kind of kinky thoughts swimming in those heads of yours. Cum open your mind to me, and I’ll take care of the head between your legs no matter how big, or small, I drain them all!