I’ve always wanted a pet but hated the idea of long-term responsibilities.

So, I came up with a great solution to my dilemma. I have lots of guys who call for domination phone sex, but I needed a special submissive for the role of my four-legged friend. I require someone who is, obviously, very obedient, takes commands well, and most importantly, never questions his Mistress.  John had all the quality I was looking for, so that night on our regular call…

I whispered to him, on the other end of the line, “I think I’d like a pet.”

“Mistress?” he questions. “You want a dog, a cat, or something else? I don’t see you, as having a fish for a pet.”

“That’s not really what I’m thinking. I want the best parts of all those pets. Dogs are loyal, but kittens purr and are fun to rub, and they love to play. I even like looking at pretty fish, but you’re right; I want to be able to play with my new four-legged friend.”

 “How will you get all that in one pet?”

“The same way I get everything I want! Someone is going to be my pet, and that someone is you, John.”

“Oh?” He immediately started thinking of how he was going to solve this situation to my liking.

“Yes John, the four-legged friend I want is you. Now, you may edge, but no cumming for you tonight, sleep in the pink panties I sent you, and tomorrow I will send you instructions to get you started becoming my pet. Good night, good boy!”

He was in a confused shock when he told his Mistress, good night, expressing his love, devotion, and obedience.

It took him forever to fall asleep, and not just because of the throbbing of his cock from the edging and denial. His mind swirling with possibilities, dressed in nothing but pink lacey panties, he drifted off to sleep.

He woke early the next morning with being my four-legged friend on his mind.

As he completed his breakfast and started to clean up, an email from his Mistress arrived.

“The first things my new four-legged friend will need are a collar, a leash, and a name tag. You will go to the pet store today and purchase these items. Get a black leather collar with a buckle for size adjustment and a ring for the leash. You will hold it up to your neck at least once in the store to test the fit. The leash should have a clip for your collar and a black leather handle for me to hold. The tag should be engraved, stating that you are my property. I will expect you to have all these items by the end of the day. Have fun, my pet!”

In the store, he was feeling very humiliated, holding the collar up, wrapping it around his neck.

The experience of getting the name tag was similar. I should have given him a little humiliation phone sex to get him up for the task. No one saw him enter “Property of Mistress Larissa” on the touch screen. In his subconscious, he wanted the humiliation of being caught. On his way home with his purchases, he was thrilled and of course, hard as a rock.

The very next day, as he walked up to my door, at the commanded time, his mind was buzzing.

He had everything my four-legged friend would need: a collar, a leash, and a name tag, still unworn, in his bag. Finally, he knocked on the door after a deep breath. I came to the door, with my black skintight leather dress and latex thigh-high boots and a devious smile on my face.

“I’m so glad you are here on time, my pet. I’d hate to have to start you out with punishment.”

I reached into the paper bag. “Accept this collar as a symbol of your status as my pet and accept my ownership of you?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Do you understand that you are my pet, to do with whatever I please.”

“Yes, of course, Mistress.”

Are you a slutty sub who lives to please their Mistress?

I know you would love to give mommy a sweet sticky creampie, but you better be packing an excellent tool for that job, boy! Call me and leave all your worries at the door and let Mistress Larissa take over.