I adore my sister, Giana! She is so badass and when I was really young, began teaching me the right way to eat pussy. Our tight teen pussies love playing together with Bisexual Sister Incest. Whether with each other or we bring a guest into our fun. Tyler is the sexiest guy in town and I love fucking him as much as possible. He has been super busy working so I don’t get to as much as I want.

Giana told me I had to leave today because she has a guy coming over. I said I would but I am doubling back to spy on her fucking him. She is always picking the hottest guys to fuck and I want to watch his stretching out that sexy pussy of hers. Quietly, going into my bedroom, I have a hole in the wall where I watch her with her boyfriends. I can’t see anything but them rolling around at first.

Little do I know once I do, our Bisexual Sister Incest will happen today too.

As they are pausing to get a drink of water, I recognize that tattoo. Oh my God, that is Tyler she is going to fuck! I sit on my bed, stopping in shock as I realize he is fucking both of us. Then, I am running to my sister’s room and busting in the door. By now, they are fucking and I am just mad as hell. Giana is smiling at me as he pounds her tight young pussy.

Not in a mean way though as she is reaching for me to join them. Reaching back I let her take my hand and pull me onto the bed with them. Tyler is shocked finding me climbing into bed but he doesn’t stop as Giana guides him to continue. She and I are kissing as she is calming me down. Caressing me with her young, expert hands, she has me dripping wet in seconds.

This is the first time we have shared an actual boyfriend with our bisexual sister incest but I like it!

Tyler likes it too as he is pulling out of Giana and she has me cleaning his dick up. She is joining me as our tongues work his dick and kiss each other. I am licking that asshole as she then tells me to clean her pussy now. Spreading her legs, I put my young mouth on her open lips and start eating all their cum out.

In no time at all, she is cumming in my mouth and I am swallowing all of it. Tyler is rock hard again and this time she is telling him to fuck me. She wants to watch as he is giving me that nice dick. All this giving me amazing experience to share on teen phone sex. He is sliding that big dick I love into my tiny pretty pussy as I moan loudly with pleasure.

Giana is using one of her favorite toys as she is watching me.

We are making eye contact as Tyler pounds me and Giana pounds her pussy with her toy. It feels so good, almost as good as the day I had Stuck Porn Sex with the dogs. They really went to town working this tight pussy and making me cum again and again. Tyler has such a huge cock that he is working for me right now. Stretching out my cunt like a bunch of guys.

As Tyler starts cumming so do I. When he pulls out of me, Giana is there cleaning us up. She has a mouth full of our juices and kisses me, transferring it into my mouth. I swallow and kiss her again as we giggle with all the fun we are having sharing Tyler! Then, she says he will fuck her while she is on all fours and eating me out. I love how she works her lips and tongue on my sensitive skin down there.

What an insane and unexpected rendezvous for my afternoon!

Sharing Tyler with Giana is amazing and I am loving all of us together in this naughty threesome. Giana has mad skills with both boys and girls, so it is a win-win for me and Tyler. Tyler has that fine ass dick so she and I both win with him. The bisexual sister incest fun goes until we are all spent and exhausted, sleeping in each other’s arms we rest.

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