Bisexual play is the best

Bisexual play can make any man wild. Two sensually seductive goddesses making love is the hottest turn on for any red-blooded male. Likewise it is for plenty of naughty girls as well. I personally never imagined, in any case, it would be me enthralled in such a situation. My mind has wandered and has undoubtedly been in many ways, lost in fantasies of Tribbing. How did a sweet co-ed get thrust in such an act? Well they do say college girls have the most fun, don’t they? My first semester was a whole new world for me. In other words, I wasn’t in my hometown. I didn’t have to play an innocent shy role anymore. I had the views of anything you can imagine. Craving what I was seeing was how things went down. Dressing up modest was no longer an option.

I made friends and had sex appeal.

Good girls go to heaven; bad girls go everywhere.

The boys wanted a piece of me correctly, and similarly, I wanted a taste. My roommate and I butted heads quite regularly. I would awaken her after a long night out and would annoy her with my company. Lindsey was hard to be around; we were both opposites, and it was apparent a mile away. The main focus was to stay far away from Lindsey
and keep the crazy bitch out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, that is hard to do when you are confined to the same common area and share friends. One of my friends, April, was obsessed with Lindsey. April was more like with me. We both shared a passion for fashion and leaving behind the notion that we were good girls. We were both rebelling whores, and we truly embodied it fully. One day I got a peek at her search history.

Using her phone I could see Bisexual play had been on her search browser.

Great minds think alike!

Curious as to why they got along so well and seemed attached at the hip at times. Soon it had inevitably been clear why they bonded after all. The midterm week was in full effect. I grabbed some tea and got to bed — ready for a full night’s sleep in preparation for all the exams the next day. Audible giggles and laughter echoed. My blood began to boil. The very same thing my roommate complained about she was doing to me. Lindsey had the nerve to pull that on a school night.

I had made it clear I needed peace, but she could care less. Had it been me causing such havoc, it would have been world war thee. There wasn’t much to be done but to try to catch some sleep in the commotion.

Letting it roll off my shoulder made me even angrier, but there were other things in my focal point. What’s better peacemaking than some bisexual play?

Make love not war

The next day my objective was to bring it to Lindsey’s attention. My pressing for answers was getting her frustrated. How rude and inconsiderate are you that you couldn’t give me the respect that you so demand from me?  We were going in circles and going nowhere. Lindsey asked me a question amid the drama. Lindsey asked me had I ever had any naughty fantasies of girls?  This left me blindsided and confused. Of course, I had, but I wasn’t going to let her know about all of them. An inkling proved right. Lindsey participated in plenty of rendezvous with both guys and girls, but I had never thought she would be so interested in knowing about my sexual needs. I shyly admitted to her I have had them.

No turning back

Lindsey began to come closer to me, and within seconds she was kissing me passionately and pulling down my mini skirt.

My mind was still lost, but my body was not. I could feel her fingers find my cunt, and she began to play with me in ways I only dreamed. Wet as can be dripping down my thighs, it felt like nothing I had ever felt before. So much emotion and sexual frustration between us was releasing. She admitted she was going to make me a squirting slut.  A bisexual play fantasy come true!  My cunt was squirting, and I could feel her take all control of me. My pussy pounded roughly with her strapon was heaven. It was clear this was her dream, after all. You could say we never fought again.

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