He Wanted To Be With Another Guy

My best friend is a guy, he’s cute and sweet and he is also curious about cock. I’ve come right out and asked him if he’s bisexual, but he said he’s just not sure. He’s thought about being with other guys, but he’s just never had the opportunity to be with one. And is just fantasizing for now. Well those statements made me want to take things to the next level for my fried. He needs to accept he’s bisexual and get on with it and try some cock and see how it goes.

It Was A Wild Party

A gay neighbor of mine and I talk a lot. He’s really a fun guy, and I was relating this whole situation with my bisexual friend. And he had an idea of how we could get my friend to finally move forward and try some cock for the first time. He was having a party the next night. And he was going to have a lot of gay and bisexual friends of his there. And he asked me to come and bring my friend. He thought once he had a few drinks in him he might be a lot less reserved and shy and he turned out to be right.
My friend and I arrived at the party and the drinks were freely flowing .And my friend was relaxing on a sofa with a few guys talking and one of the friends reached over and started to rub my friends cock through his jeans. He was rock hard in seconds. And He didn’t stop them. He laid back and let it happen. And he soon had a hand on his bare cock that had been pulled out of his jeans. And he was kissing the guy sitting on the other side of him. He was thoroughly enjoying his first hand job from a guy and getting kissed.

It Was Turning Into An Orgy

dana bisexual

Things got a bit hotter very quickly. One of the other guys soon offered my friend his cock to suck and he took it. He’d gone from no same sex experience to being in an orgy of sorts. In less than an hour with this crowd. I watched as he took the first taste of cock in his mouth. And tasted the leaking tip of the cock and licked the precum off of it. He looked like he was enjoying every second of it and I must admit, I was getting turned on myself watching it.
His cock looked like it was about to blow. And then He was getting stroked by one guy as he gave head to another. He had a hand on the back of his head and was bobbing up and down with great lust. As he took his first cock. My bisexual friend had finally gotten his first taste of cock. And I was witness to it. And  soon after that The guy he was blowing soon shot his load of jizz down my friends throat . He swallowed every drop and looked over at me as I watched him. I feel I helped him that night and I’m glad. He always wanted to experience this and I helped facilitate it. I’m sure it’s only the beginning for him and other men.
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