Bisexual brats playing around I love my best friend….

Bisexual brats playing around is what my best friend and I did for many many years. We would almost every weekend together and we would wait until the parents went to bed and then we would play. We played many different games *giggle. Played house and I was the wife and she was the husband. It would always pick up at bedtime husband and wife laying in bed and she would start to kiss me with her soft pink lips and she would gently nibble on my bottom lip as she kissed me.

She would begin to gently caress my nipples in her fingers twisting and tugging on them. She would kiss my neck slowly working her way down past my collar bone onto my chest and down to my rock hard nipples and she would suck on each one getting me wetter each time she sucked. After a bit she would begin moving her way down my stomach licking, nibbling, and kissing all the way down. Usually, when she reached my belly button she blows a raspberry on it making my giggle. Then just at Bisexual brats playing around would do she would make her way down to my pretty tight pink pussy and she would begin to lick.

I moan in pleasure as she continues to lick and suck on my tight wet little pussy.

I grab her hair and force her head down into my snatch grinding my pussy into her face. I’m wet just thinking about it the way she ate my pussy was fucking amazing. No one has or will compare to the way she worked her magic with her mouth.
She would slowly insert a finger into my wet little cunt. Teasing my pussy with her finger just barely resting inside my pink wet pussy.

Wanna find out what happens next and the other games we Bisexual brats playing around would do to each other?

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