Birthday Girl Adriana Wants Your Cock

This birthday girl wants nothing more than your cock. I know, sounds cheesy but I do. Sunday October 2nd it’s my birthday and I want to celebrate it with you. That is why I am taking the liberty to let you know exactly what I want that. Which believe me, it involves a lot of vanilla cake frosting and lots of pink sprinkles on top. Obviously, it also involves your hard dick.

I am not a cake fanatic, I am more of a frosting fanatic! That is why I chose it as the main course for my birthday. I’d love for you to surprise with your throbbing hard dick covered in delicious frosting. Mmmmm. Just close your eyes and imagine me right there in between your legs. I’d start by cleaning off your balls and then your dick. Of course while I do it I’d want to you try and sing me happy birthday. I want to hear you try and sign the full song while I just start taking your cock down my throat.

Don’t worry though, they’ll be lots of frosting to go around because the best part comes after I clean you up. I want you to cover me in it too. Then it’ll be your time to lick me clean while I wish for you to bang me. I want you to make this birthday girl cum hard in your mouth. You need to get my pussy nice and wet for cock. At the end that is what I want the most.

I want you to bend me over and treat me like the dirty little whore that I am. I want you to push your cock in me. Ram it in me, I should say. Fuck me on birthday and I’ll promise you I’d take your load anywhere you want me to.

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